The Lost Boy Short Essay - Answer Key

Dave Pelzer
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1. David's abuse wasn't reported until he was 12 years old. Why didn't anyone report the abuse sooner?

Due to the social norms of the time, people did not look at abuse the same way we do. Many people felt that it was a family's business to deal with, and had a "spare the rod, spoil the child" philosophy.

2. In Chapter 1, David gives a description of his home life and calls himself his "Mother's prisoner." Give three examples of how David was his "Mother's prisoner."

David was forced to sit on the basement steps for hours at a time. David slept in the basement on an army cot, and he was beaten by his mother.

3. In The Run Away Chapter, why does David thrive for the hours he is away from the house?

While away from the house, David is not beaten and he can steal food.

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