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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue and Persepctives.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On Saturdays, what in special event did David and Alice partake?
(a) They went to the movies.
(b) They went to dances.
(c) They went to music concerts.
(d) They played games.

2. Who did David say were his true mother and father?
(a) Vera and Jody Jones.
(b) Lilian and Rudy Cantanze.
(c) Alice and Harold Turnbough.
(d) Roerva and Stephen Pelzer.

3. How did David react when his visitor didn't show up to the Catanzes'?
(a) He acted out.
(b) He was happy.
(c) He was devasted.
(d) He was relieved.

4. What arrangements did Gordan have to make for David because he couldn't find a foster home for him?
(a) David had to stay with his mother.
(b) David had to stay at the Cantanzes'.
(c) David had to stay with Gordan.
(d) David had to stay at the Hill.

5. Before his court hearing, where does David want to be placed?
(a) With his mother.
(b) With Aunt Mary.
(c) With Ms. Gold.
(d) In jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was David's father afraid would happen if his co-workers found out his son started a fire?

2. What does David begin to turn off because of all the drama that's been in his life?

3. David and the other children at Aunt Mary's house like to steal what items from the grocery store?

4. Who was David's second visitor at The Hill?

5. David spends several days sitting in his room until Big Larry invites him to go somewhere. Where does he invite him to go?

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