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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Estranged.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did David feel he did well at the juvenile lock-up?
(a) He made many life-long friends.
(b) He had lots of frredom and could do what he wanted.
(c) He received an award for his behavior.
(d) He liked the strict routine and knew what to expect.

2. Who does David end up spilling his guts to about his abuse after Roerva's visit.
(a) Rudy.
(b) Lilian.
(c) Tony.
(d) Big Larry.

3. What did the note David wrote during the trial say?
(a) That he was happy.
(b) That he was angry.
(c) That he was tired.
(d) That he was sorry.

4. When David first arrives at Aunt Mary's, he is very hyperactive. What causes this sudden surge of energy?
(a) It is his first experience of freedom.
(b) He is always hyperactive.
(c) He had too much candy at the hospital.
(d) He is happy to finally be home.

5. What is "The Boy's" real name?
(a) Russell.
(b) Kevin.
(c) Dave.
(d) John.

Short Answer Questions

1. David's father says he can forgive David for causing the family problems, but what can't he forgive him for?

2. Why does David want to keep his friendship with John?

3. What did Lilian bring with her on her visit to the Hill?

4. Why does David feel that Ms. Gold is his angel?

5. When David goes on a picnic with the Catanzes who did he meet?

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