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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Estranged.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the boy often have to sit for hours?
(a) The kitchen table.
(b) The couch.
(c) The front porch.
(d) The basement stairs.

2. What arrangements did Gordan have to make for David because he couldn't find a foster home for him?
(a) David had to stay at the Hill.
(b) David had to stay with Gordan.
(c) David had to stay with his mother.
(d) David had to stay at the Cantanzes'.

3. What does his mother make the boy do in order to prove he didn't steal any food?
(a) Throw up.
(b) Sit on the steps.
(c) Take laxatives.
(d) Stand in the corner.

4. When David makes his telephone call, he is too scared to dial the numbers. Who dialed the number for him?
(a) Big Larry.
(b) Lilian.
(c) Connie.
(d) Chris.

5. What did David feel like towards his family as he rode to his trial?
(a) A traitor.
(b) A liar.
(c) A fool.
(d) A hero.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who came to pick the boy up from the police station?

2. Where does the boy end up when he leaves the Pelzer household?

3. Who was the superintendent of the Hill's C-Wing?

4. What plan does John concoct that David eagerly goes along with and brags about to his classmates?

5. After the Johnny Jones task, David meets with Ms. Gold. What does he tell her?

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