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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Trial.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When David gave his note to someone at the trail, how did this person react?
(a) They put it in their pocket.
(b) They tore it up.
(c) They broke down in tears.
(d) They told David they were sorry.

2. After the trial, David's mother warns him to be 'a good boy! A better boy!' and to have a 'happy life'. What other piece of advice does she give him?
(a) She tells him to run-away.
(b) She tells him to enjoy his freedom.
(c) She tells him this is a new beginning.
(d) She tells him to get in the car.

3. What does his mother make the boy do in order to prove he didn't steal any food?
(a) Throw up.
(b) Take laxatives.
(c) Sit on the steps.
(d) Stand in the corner.

4. What does David tell Ms. Gold after his mother's visit to Aunt Mary's?
(a) David tells Ms. Gold that his mother abuses him.
(b) David tells Ms. Gold that he wants to return home.
(c) David tells Ms. Gold that he made everything up.
(d) David tells Ms. Gold that he wants to ride his bike.

5. What did the boy promise his father on the ride home from the police station?
(a) To run away.
(b) To go to bed.
(c) To be a good boy.
(d) To play outside.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before his court hearing, where does David want to be placed?

2. Who tries to stand up for the boy when his parents are arguing?

3. The person at the bar gives the boy these two items:

4. Before David goes to court, his mother comes to his foster home to visit. David regresses back to "The Boy," and is amazed because someone stands up to Mother when she says he is a bad boy. Who stands up for him?

5. What lie was told to the police officer by Father?

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