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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mother's Love.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does David feel when he's moved to the new wing at the Hill?
(a) He feels afraid.
(b) He feels sad.
(c) He feels safe.
(d) He feels threaten.

2. What did David's mother tell officials David intentionally did?
(a) She said he intentionally ruined her life.
(b) She said he intentionally stole food.
(c) She said he intentionally started fires in her home.
(d) She said he intentionally hit her.

3. When David makes his telephone call, he is too scared to dial the numbers. Who dialed the number for him?
(a) Connie.
(b) Lilian.
(c) Big Larry.
(d) Chris.

4. After the trial, David's mother warns him to be 'a good boy! A better boy!' and to have a 'happy life'. What other piece of advice does she give him?
(a) She tells him to run-away.
(b) She tells him this is a new beginning.
(c) She tells him to get in the car.
(d) She tells him to enjoy his freedom.

5. After David leaves Aunt Mary's who were his first 'permanent' foster parents?
(a) Ms. Gold.
(b) Lilian and Rudy Catanze.
(c) Roevra and Stephen Pelzer.
(d) Big Larry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Big Larry and David ride their bikes when they were in David's old neighborhood?

2. What medical condition did Chris have?

3. When David is at the hospital, the doctor puts cream on David's arms and tells him it's "too late to cover them." Why would the doctor tell David that?

4. David's father says he can forgive David for causing the family problems, but what can't he forgive him for?

5. What does David have trouble making at Aunt Mary's house?

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