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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Coming Around.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When David left the courtroom, his mother loaded him down with toys and clothes. He enjoyed these gifts, but cherished something else more. What was it?
(a) Ms. Gold's gifts.
(b) His mother's money.
(c) The hug with his mother.
(d) The attention he received in the courtroom.

2. After the Johnny Jones task, David meets with Ms. Gold. What does he tell her?
(a) He tells her he dislikes Lilian.
(b) He tells her he hates her.
(c) He tells her to take him back to his mother.
(d) He tells her he is constantly afraid.

3. What did David and Harold begin to argue over in the "Coming Around" chapter?
(a) The car.
(b) The way David completed his chores.
(c) The reading lamp.
(d) The couch.

4. When David is 15, he feels that the countdown to his 18th birthday has begun. He knows when he is 18 he will have to leave the foster care system. What step does David take to prepare for this event?
(a) David begins working.
(b) David does nothing to prepare for this event.
(c) David begins stealing.
(d) David begins begging for an allowance.

5. What did David feel like towards his family as he rode to his trial?
(a) A fool.
(b) A traitor.
(c) A liar.
(d) A hero.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did David really feel about the plan he was bragging about to his classmates?

2. After the trial, David's mother warns him to be 'a good boy! A better boy!' and to have a 'happy life'. What other piece of advice does she give him?

3. What plan does John concoct that David eagerly goes along with and brags about to his classmates?

4. What did David continue to believe despite what everyone told him?

5. What did Johnny Jones dare David to do?

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