Daily Lessons for Teaching The Lost Boy

Dave Pelzer
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Lesson 1 (from The Runaway)


The Runaway

Students will learn vocabulary associated with the story and develop an interest in reading the story.


1. Concept Chart -- A concept chart is a list of terms from the story with which the students may be unfamiliar. Create the chart using terms such as abuse. Put a line before and after each term. Before discussing the terms, have students rank how well they understand each term on a 0-5 scale. Discuss the terms, and then have students re-rank their understanding of the terms using the second line. The concept chart can be used to evaluate how well students know the vocabulary associated with the book.

2. Define vocabulary -- Have student work in groups of 2-3. Assign each group 3-5 vocabulary words from the story. Have each group look up their assigned words and write the definition on chart paper. When all of the...

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