The Lost Boy Character Descriptions

Dave Pelzer
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David Pelzer

This character is the author and subject of the book.

Roerva Pelzer

This character takes great pride in dominating others.

Stephen Pelzer

This character only wants peace in the household.

Alice and Harold Turnbough

These characters are the main character's first and last foster parents.

Ron, Stan, Kevin and Russell Pelzer

These characters are the biological siblings of the main character.


This character at the pool hall shows the main character his first act of kindness.

Mr. Zeigler

This character was a homeroom teacher who told police about the abuse.

Aunt Mary

This character was an elderly woman who ran the temporary foster home.

Ms. Pam Gold

This character was an angel.

Lilian Catanze and Rudy Catanze

These characters are foster parents to the main character when he is sent to juvenile lockup.

Larry Junior

This character is a foster child who likes to pick...

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