The Lost Boy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dave Pelzer
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The Runaway

• David is referred to as "The Boy" and "It" by his parents.

• David explains what life is like in the Pelzer household.

• David has four other brothers, but none of them seem to be experiencing the abuse that David endures.

• Alcohol is a normal part of the Pelzer household, and it seems to fuel his mother's abuse.
• David hears his parents fighting, and knows he will eventually be drawn into the argument.

• David's father only wants peace in the household. He tries to stand up for his son, but always backs down.

• The fight turns to David, and his mother taunts him to leave.

• David leaves, but doesn't know where to go and is on the look-out for his mother's car.

• David dreams of going to the Russian River, but knows he can't stay there.
• David is cold and hungry. He looks for food and shelter...

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