The Long Goodbye Character Descriptions

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Phillip Marlowe

He is filled with sarcasm and quick with a wisecrack. He makes statements such as "time crawls like a sick cockroach" and that his potential clients include "the squirrels who can't find their nuts."

Terry Lennox

He plays an important role in the book and continues to be an important character, although for all practical purposes, he dies very early in the story line.

Sylvia Lennox

She is a loose woman and sleeps with any number of men. The fact that she was brutally bludgeoned makes Marlowe believe that Terry is innocent.


He is handy with a switchblade, says the hold is a "neat trick" and that he'll remember it.

Roger Wade

He is a famous writer of historical romance novels who was having an affair with a woman around the time of her death.

Eileen Wade

She is a beautiful woman. She fabricates several...

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