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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author describe the call of the doves?

2. Why are Steinbeck and Ricketts delighted that the Indians will actually do the hunting?

3. Which statement best describes Guaymas?

4. What topic does Steinbeck discuss with the team members as they sail along the coast of Guardian Angel Island?

5. How long does Tex suffer through the diet exercise?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Steinbeck's thoughts on the wastage of food witnesses together with Ricketts on the Japanese dredge boats.

2. Briefly explain Steinbeck's thoughts about a place being friendly or unfriendly. What instances led him to these thoughts?

3. Near Guaymas, the crew feel a little contempt over the fact that the fishermen they see are too spotless in their white outfits. Explain briefly the circumstances and why the crew feel such contempt.

4. Discuss Steinbeck's lamentations on the briefness of their expedition, and how he wished that they have brought full-sized aquariums.

5. This particular section when the expedition party are near Guaymas and see these spotless fishermen is dated Aprill 22, which proves to be erratic. Give probable explanations to the error in date.

6. At the port city of Laredo, the members of the expedition team serve as merriment to the local girls. Speculate on the reasons on why this is so and give probable explanations to this happening.

7. Describe the profile of the specimens the expedition party collects. Provide details about the group's interest in all of these specimens, as explained by Steinbeck himself.

8. Describe Guardian Angel Island and how the crew takes to it. What were the feelings of the crew while they were on the island?

9. Describe the expedition party's experience with their camera equipment. What happens with the equipment and what resolutions are derived from their experience?

10. Discuss Steinbeck's theory on how societal restrictions dictate what is acceptable behavior and what is not. What introduced this discussion?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Steinbeck and Ricketts buy some drinks offered by the locals in Cabo San Lucas, reputed to be aphrodisiacs. He makes an observation that in reality, there are many people interested in the subject but pretend otherwise. Do you agree with Steinbeck's observation? Why or why not? Cite instances in the book that will support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Steinbeck spends some time wondering whether man's defining trait is hope, that is, hope that the future will be better than today. Do you believe or disagree with Steinbeck's hope, and will his wish happen? What are some instances in the book which illustrates this hope? Similarly, are there instances in the story which seem to illustrate the exact opposite of Steinbeck's hope?

Essay Topic 3

Tex loves diesel engines and sees them as pure, logical, perfect mechanical entities. Is this love for diesel engines what made Tex become a mechanic or did Tex get to love diesel engines after being a mechanic and being exposed to them? Whether it is the former or the latter, what does this say about Tex? If it is the former, is Tex then a dreamer/romantic who pursues his ideals from his childhood? Or if it is the latter, is Tex then a logical person who sees the value in things and appreciates these values? How are these traits exhibited in the story? Whatever your answers are, please support them with instances in the story.

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