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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What particular sea creature interests Tiny on their way to Estero de la Luna?
(a) Giant sea turtles.
(b) Giant manta rays.
(c) Giant sea horses.
(d) Giant porpoises.

2. What does Steinbeck lament about that is in connection with persistence of beliefs and actual happenings?
(a) That persistence of beliefs can actually lead to actual happenings.
(b) That actual happenings are actually the basis of many persistent beliefs.
(c) That a good hypothesis can blind a person to alternative theories and even to actual data that could disprove it.
(d) That actual happenings are always distorted to give way to more controversial beliefs.

3. What do the coastal Indians whom Steinbeck and Ricketts met in Puerto Escondido do?
(a) They sell shirts, pants, towels and some apron.
(b) They sell shampoo, lotion, soap and toothpaste.
(c) They sell pineapples, mangoes, apples and lemon.
(d) They sell sea scallops, clams, pearl oysters and conchs.

4. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?
(a) A ten-foot jelly fish.
(b) A ten-foot squid.
(c) A ten-foot baby whaleshark.
(d) A ten-foot mantra ray.

5. What can be found in Laredo that is of particular interest to the expedition party?
(a) A famous beach filled with starfishes and sea turtles.
(b) A famous scientist and his laboratory.
(c) A famous church and its associated mission.
(d) A famous restaurant known for its flapjacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What concept does Steinbeck muse on, as inspired by the seemingly millions of fish in the water?

2. What does the expedition party do in the morning of March 30?

3. How does the expedition party react to the news they have heard in Guaymas?

4. Which statement best describes the marine life in Puerto Escondido?

5. What observation do Steinbeck and Ricketts have regarding the marine life in Coronado Island and Monterey Bay?

Short Essay Questions

1. It is mentioned that Tex is getting married and therefore should be watching his weight very keenly. Speculate on Tex's marriage. Why did he agree to sail even when he is getting married? Why can't he stay on a diet to look good on his wedding day?

2. Describe the profile of the specimens the expedition party collects. Provide details about the group's interest in all of these specimens, as explained by Steinbeck himself.

3. This particular section when the expedition party are near Guaymas and see these spotless fishermen is dated Aprill 22, which proves to be erratic. Give probable explanations to the error in date.

4. Discuss Steinbeck's theory on how societal restrictions dictate what is acceptable behavior and what is not. What introduced this discussion?

5. In Marcial Point around noon on Easter Sunday, Steinbeck and Ricketts manage to catch a big, beautiful lobster despite the difficulties they have encountered. How do you think Steinbeck and Ricketts managed to catch this lobster? Speculate on the efforts of the team.

6. Discuss Steinbeck's theory on how a harsh environment makes survivors out of its inhabitants, and how he came to this train of thought.

7. Briefly explain Steinbeck's thoughts about a place being friendly or unfriendly. What instances led him to these thoughts?

8. Describe Guardian Angel Island and how the crew takes to it. What were the feelings of the crew while they were on the island?

9. Provide a description to how Steinbeck, Ricketts and the crew do the labeling and sorting of their collected specimen.

10. Describe the expedition party's experience with their camera equipment. What happens with the equipment and what resolutions are derived from their experience?

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