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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the school of tiny fish that Tiny and Sparky on April 22 catch taste?
(a) Very tasty.
(b) A bit salty.
(c) Spicy and sour.
(d) Sweet and sour.

2. What does the crew call the invertebrates that Steinbeck and Ricketts catch?
(a) Blobs.
(b) Bugs.
(c) No Bones.
(d) Jello.

3. What little surprise does the crew find in the seemingly uninteresting beach?
(a) A group of rattlesnakes which follow them wherever they go.
(b) A treasure map buried in the sand, which indicates that a treasure can be found in the Sea of Cortez.
(c) A large treasure chest that contains jewels.
(d) A large school of tiny fish comes in and make a hissing noise in the water all around them.

4. After facing difficulties collecting specimens, what do Steinbeck and Ricketts do instead on Easter Sunday ?
(a) Tex, Tiny and Sparky are tasked to catch everything that comes ashore.
(b) Steinbeck and Ricketts hire several locals to do it for them.
(c) They place a big basin just near the shore and catch whatever the tide brings in.
(d) They place a light near the surface of the water, and catch what the light attracts.

5. On Easter Sunday, despite facing difficulties collecting specimens, Steinbeck and Ricketts are able to catch a significant marine life - what is it?
(a) A small, printed seahorse.
(b) A large, century old turtle.
(c) A large, beautiful lobster.
(d) A shiny, white porpoise.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the crew forego stopping at Santa Rosalia?

2. How does the expedition party scare the shark that was circling their their boat?

3. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?

4. How long does Tex suffer through the diet exercise?

5. What do the coastal Indians whom Steinbeck and Ricketts met in Puerto Escondido do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Steinbeck's theory on how man can improve himself and the human race if only he studies certain cycles in civilization.

2. What does the expedition party encounter at the port of Guaymas? Explain their reactions to the situation.

3. Briefly explain Steinbeck's feelings towards the whole expedition. Does he feel that the expedition has taught them anything, and is there any particular valuable lesson they have acquired from the trip, apart from scientific learnings?

4. Describe how life in the Western Flyer becomes by the end of March. How does it chang compared when they first sailed to sea?

5. Describe the profile of the specimens the expedition party collects. Provide details about the group's interest in all of these specimens, as explained by Steinbeck himself.

6. Discuss the theories and examples presented by members of the expedition team on how persistence of beliefs of mind can overcome actual reality.

7. Santa Rosalia is described as much different from the other towns they have seen. What could have been in Santa Rosalia that makes it so different from the others?

8. At the port city of Laredo, the members of the expedition team serve as merriment to the local girls. Speculate on the reasons on why this is so and give probable explanations to this happening.

9. Discuss Steinbeck's theory on how societal restrictions dictate what is acceptable behavior and what is not. What introduced this discussion?

10. Describe Steinbeck and Ricketts' encounter with the ranchers and vacationers, and their consequent big sheep-hunting expedition.

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