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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concept does Steinbeck muse on, as inspired by the seemingly millions of fish in the water?
(a) The schooling behavior of fishes.
(b) The duration of the trip and decides to go back for a longer one.
(c) The culinary delights that can be made out of the many fish in the ocean.
(d) The wealth and poverty and its inequality.

2. What actually happens to Tex's weight in the face of the crew's attempt to put him on a diet?
(a) He gets sick and loses more than ten pounds.
(b) He gains a few pounds by sneaking food at every opportunity.
(c) He loses ten pounds after only five days of dieting.
(d) He develops bulimia and the crew is regretful.

3. What can be found in Laredo that is of particular interest to the expedition party?
(a) A famous scientist and his laboratory.
(b) A famous beach filled with starfishes and sea turtles.
(c) A famous restaurant known for its flapjacks.
(d) A famous church and its associated mission.

4. What is the most important gift that the Sea of Cortez gives the expedition party, according to Steinbeck?
(a) The ability to predict the tides, which will come handy for sea travellers like them.
(b) A way of seeing life, time and beauty that is different from those they have previously experienced.
(c) The new language that they have learned to speak, as used in Guaymas.
(d) Three huge, beautiful pearls they have found on the shore.

5. How does Tiny spend his time on the island of Tiburon?
(a) Taking the skiff to the little inlets to harpoon stingrays.
(b) Cleaning the outboard motor to ensure better performance in the next run.
(c) Labeling and sorting the specimens collected by the other crew members.
(d) Cooking meals for the other members of the expedition.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?

2. What does the expedition party use instead of the tide chart to watch the rise and fall of the tides?

3. What is the best description for Angeles Bay?

4. What topic does Steinbeck discuss with the team members as they sail along the coast of Guardian Angel Island?

5. On March 31, almost three weeks ate sea, what observation does Steinbeck make regarding the collections they have acquired so far?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the expedition party's experience with their camera equipment. What happens with the equipment and what resolutions are derived from their experience?

2. Santa Rosalia is described as much different from the other towns they have seen. What could have been in Santa Rosalia that makes it so different from the others?

3. Describe the profile of the specimens the expedition party collects. Provide details about the group's interest in all of these specimens, as explained by Steinbeck himself.

4. Briefly explain Steinbeck's thoughts about a place being friendly or unfriendly. What instances led him to these thoughts?

5. Discuss Steinbeck's lamentations on the briefness of their expedition, and how he wished that they have brought full-sized aquariums.

6. Sparky and Tiny are always anxious to spend some time in the towns, which they are unable to do in Santa Rosalia. Give probable reasons as to why the two are always looking forward to spending some time in the towns.

7. Briefly explain Steinbeck's feelings towards the whole expedition. Does he feel that the expedition has taught them anything, and is there any particular valuable lesson they have acquired from the trip, apart from scientific learnings?

8. Describe Steinbeck and Ricketts' encounter with the ranchers and vacationers, and their consequent big sheep-hunting expedition.

9. Describe how life in the Western Flyer becomes by the end of March. How does it chang compared when they first sailed to sea?

10. Discuss Steinbeck's theory on how a harsh environment makes survivors out of its inhabitants, and how he came to this train of thought.

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