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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the expedition party catch in Concepcion Bay?
(a) Sea anemone.
(b) Tuna.
(c) Swordfish.
(d) Jellyfish.

2. What does Sparky collect to give to his friends back at home?
(a) Very beautiful sand dollars.
(b) Very beautiful starfish.
(c) Very beautiful oyster pearls.
(d) Very beautiful snail shells.

3. How does the morning of March 31 affect the activities of the expedition party?
(a) It is raining heavily which makes it impossible to collect anything on shore or underwater.
(b) There is a celebration in town and the expedition party is distracted and lured into attending the party.
(c) There is a storm on the horizon which prompts the crew to leave earlier than planned.
(d) Although it is low tide, the tide was quite high and the wind is up, making it difficult to collect onshore or underwater.

4. Why does the crew have a hard time handling a particular sea cucumber?
(a) Because that sea cucumber has a very foul smell, making the crew unable to come near it.
(b) Because that sea cucumber has a very strange skin that was so slippery.
(c) Because that sea cucumber has a habit of expelling its insides when taken out of water.
(d) Because that sea cucumber had a lot of thorns, unusual for its kind.

5. How do the ladies of Laredo react to the expedition party?
(a) They are offended that the expedition party is allowed to dock in Laredo.
(b) They sell many of their beadworks, telling them that the beads are rare and can only be found in Laredo.
(c) They immediately offer to serve as their housekeepers, promising good food all the time.
(d) The expedition party serves as a source of merriment to the local girls, and the older women cannot stop giggling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?

2. Which statement best describes Guaymas?

3. How does Steinbeck see the history of the human race?

4. On Easter Sunday, despite facing difficulties collecting specimens, Steinbeck and Ricketts are able to catch a significant marine life - what is it?

5. Why does the crew forego stopping at Santa Rosalia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Guardian Angel Island and how the crew takes to it. What were the feelings of the crew while they were on the island?

2. Steinbeck and Ricketts willingly accept the offer to go on a big sheep-hunting expedition even though it is apparent that they do not have the desires to hunt any creature. Give a probable explanation as to why the two readily agreed to the invitation in the first place.

3. Tiny harpoons stingrays at the island of Tiburon. Give probable explanations to Tiny's seemingly attachment to harpoons. Cite specific examples in the book to support this explanation.

4. Describe the strange experience the group has with the Americans and the Mexicans they encounter in Angeles Bay.

5. Describe the profile of the specimens the expedition party collects. Provide details about the group's interest in all of these specimens, as explained by Steinbeck himself.

6. Provide a description to how Steinbeck, Ricketts and the crew do the labeling and sorting of their collected specimen.

7. How do the members of the expedition party pass the night of March 29? What discussions are happening and what are the revelations of this night?

8. What does the expedition party encounter at the port of Guaymas? Explain their reactions to the situation.

9. Describe the expedition party's experience with their camera equipment. What happens with the equipment and what resolutions are derived from their experience?

10. Briefly explain Steinbeck's thoughts about a place being friendly or unfriendly. What instances led him to these thoughts?

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