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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the expedition party find on their destination on March 23?
(a) It has little life form and there is not much of interest to collect.
(b) It has abundant life form and they need more tha a month to fully collect all the interesting specimen present.
(c) It requires a visitor's tax and they do not have enough money to pay the tax.
(d) It was full of other visitors, tourists who have heard about the place, and they cannot do any collection activity.

2. What does the expedition party do after sorting the specimen they have collected?
(a) They sell the specimen to the locals in San Lucas.
(b) They buy jewelry for their girlfriends and wives back at home.
(c) They go ashore and visit a local cantina in the town of San Lucas.
(d) They pack all the specimen in ice bags and send it back to the US.

3. What type of biologist is preferred by John Steinbeck?
(a) The type who studies life in all its complexities.
(b) The type who teaches in the university.
(c) The type who work for the big corporations.
(d) The type who study dead, preserved animals.

4. What is the author's description of Espiritu Santo Island?
(a) It is an area with sandy beaches and large rocks resting on the sand, under which there may be some interesting creatures.
(b) It is an area that is just starting its tourism industry, as such has still low prices for food and lodgings.
(c) It is an area with very colorful cottages which serves as resting place for travelers.
(d) It is an area that is highly commercialized, and almost all wares can be found.

5. What is the Western Flyer?
(a) It is the boat owned and maintained by Ed Ricketts.
(b) It is a rare species of bird found only in Mexico.
(c) It is a well-maintained vessel owned by Tony Berry used for the expedition.
(d) It is a favorite watering hole by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts pass the time while their boat is being outfitted?

2. What is teleological thinking, as introduced by the author on Easter Sunday, March 24?

3. Why does the expedition party set sail to La Paz?

4. Why does the crew prefer to catch and eat any other fish than the porpoises?

5. What is unique about the expedition described in the story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly explain how Steinbeck explains teleological and non-teleological thinking. Relate the two on the previous discussion about employment and unemployment.

2. What is the Log of Sea Cortez and why was it created?

3. Briefly discuss Steinbeck and Ricketts' interaction with a boy named Raul and give possible reasons why they willingly went with him.

4. Briefly discuss how Tony's personality is impressed upon the team members as they take turns manning the wheel.

5. Explain Steinbeck's theory on man's struggle for dominance. What is his theory on how one group never stays in power for a very long time?

6. What observation does Steinbeck make regarding boats and their owners? Cite a particular example of this observation.

7. Describe Tony and make some assumptions on the way he looks.

8. How does Steinbeck compare staying on course at sea to achieving a goal in life?

9. Explain Steinbeck's remark on the contrast between Tiny's reaction to the death of the sea turtle and that of a scientist's.

10. What is Steinbeck's theory on the origin of the name of a certain place? What was the origin of Steinbeck's musings?

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