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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steinbeck notice about the sense of time of the local people of Cabo San Lucas?
(a) There is nothing different about their sense of time and that of the indigents'.
(b) They seem to all walk faster, indicating that they have a faster sense of time.
(c) It is reversed, sleeping during the day and working during the night.
(d) It seems so different from their own.

2. What is the topic of the discussion Steinbeck gives to the crowd waiting for them when they returned to their boat, anchored on the shores of La Paz?
(a) The different types of biologists.
(b) The use of harpoons and knives in collecting marine specimen.
(c) The different classification of outboard motors.
(d) The various fish of the puffer family.

3. Why are the particular dates chosen for an expedition?
(a) The dates were chosen based on the birthdates of the travelers because they wanted to celebrate at sea.
(b) The expedition had to be done at a time when the travelers' children were vacationing with their grandparents.
(c) The travelling rules have just been lifted which enabled the travelers to journey to sea.
(d) The destination, the Sea of Cortez, is known to have dangerous storms that quiet down during the period chosen by the travelers.

4. What do members of the party feel when they are the one manning the wheel?
(a) The team members are excited, causing them to make wrong turns.
(b) The team members feel happy and contented, and would like to remain at sea, when they are manning the wheel.
(c) The team members feel a but sad and melancholic listening to the sea breeze.
(d) The team members feel some pressure when they are manning the wheel, especially when Tony is watching.

5. What examples of marine life does the expedition party collect in Espiritu Santo Island?
(a) Starfishes and seahorses.
(b) Anemone fish and tadpoles.
(c) Porpoises and sea turtles.
(d) Sea cucumbers and brittle-stars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Steinbeck worries about the soldiers' reaction to what during their travel?

2. What does the expedition party do on their last night ashore when their boat is ready and loaded?

3. Who is Raul?

4. What does Tex find out about the skiff's outboard motor?

5. How does Tex see diesel engines?

Short Essay Questions

1. Steinbeck hints at Tiny's stories of his past as being too racy to be repeated in the book. Speculate on Tiny's past. What could his stories be about and why can't it be repeated in the book?

2. Describe Steinbeck's theory on aphrodisiacs and how he encounters some in Cabo San Lucas.

3. What observation does Steinbeck make regarding boats and their owners? Cite a particular example of this observation.

4. Explain Steinbeck's theory on man's struggle for dominance. What is his theory on how one group never stays in power for a very long time?

5. Build on Steinbeck's theory of why the expedition members do not want to catch and cook porpoises.

6. Briefly explain how Steinbeck explains teleological and non-teleological thinking. Relate the two on the previous discussion about employment and unemployment.

7. Steinbeck notices two men and a woman in Cabo San Lucas, paddling their canoe to the boat to do a little talking. He remarks that the indigenous people's sense of time is different from theirs. Describe the group that Steinbeck encounters, and what about their appearance invites such remarks from Steinbeck?

8. What are some examples of Steinbeck's personification of marine life?

9. Tiny and Sparky are described as almost two halves of one person. Make some speculations on their appearance and characters in general.

10. How does Steinbeck compare staying on course at sea to achieving a goal in life?

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