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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author tell us about the camera that they brought in the expedition?
(a) They are so grateful that they brought the camera with them, as it has captured so many photographs of the expedition.
(b) They realize that they should have bought an underwater camera to be able to take pictures of marine life in the water.
(c) They have been having trouble all along with the camera and they finally decided to figure out what to do with it.
(d) They wish they bought several batteries, because the batteries ran out even before they were halfway on the trip.

2. What is the best description for Angeles Bay?
(a) It is a trading town where goods can be exchanged, sold and bought.
(b) It is the last collecting stop of the expedition on the west side of the Gulf.
(c) It is where several expedition parties meet up and exchange information.
(d) It is the last place where expedition party members can grab a few drinks before getting back to the boat.

3. What do the members of the expedition party feel when they see fishermen in their spotless white outfits?
(a) They feel some contempt as a result of being a bit dingy and salt-encrusted.
(b) They find the white shirts very nice and wondered where they bought them.
(c) They don't believe these are real fishermen since fishermen do not wear white.
(d) They wonder what detergents these fishermen use and vow to use it when they return home.

4. From his philosophical discussions, what does Steinbeck suddenly suggest?
(a) That they sail all day down an uncharted coastline toward their last planned stop, and anchor offshore as night falls.
(b) That they find the next town and sell all the specimen they have collected.
(c) That they all try to write their ideas in the log so as to continue discussing it when back at home.
(d) That they divide the specimen they have collected and return them all to sea.

5. Which statement best describes Concepcion Bay, the expedition's next destination?
(a) Too many rocks can be found near the shore, which signals the unwillingness of the town to accept visitors.
(b) Schools of tuna amd swordfish can be found in the bay and leap all around them.
(c) There are so many jellyfish and sea anemone clearly seen from the deck of the boat.
(d) There is not marine life in the bay, and so the crew left hastily.

6. What does the expedition party catch in Concepcion Bay?
(a) Tuna.
(b) Sea anemone.
(c) Jellyfish.
(d) Swordfish.

7. What do the coastal Indians whom Steinbeck and Ricketts met in Puerto Escondido do?
(a) They sell sea scallops, clams, pearl oysters and conchs.
(b) They sell shirts, pants, towels and some apron.
(c) They sell pineapples, mangoes, apples and lemon.
(d) They sell shampoo, lotion, soap and toothpaste.

8. How does Steinbeck describe the environment and marine life that they find in Puerto Refugio?
(a) The high energy environment creates stronger and healthier species.
(b) The high energy environment drives away all the marine life.
(c) The low energy environment provides a lot of nutrition for fish and other sea creatures.
(d) The low energy environment attracts various forms of marine life.

9. What does Sparky collect to give to his friends back at home?
(a) Very beautiful starfish.
(b) Very beautiful sand dollars.
(c) Very beautiful oyster pearls.
(d) Very beautiful snail shells.

10. What new species does the crew unsuccessfully try to collect in San Carlos Bay?
(a) Seaweed and sandhoppers.
(b) Sea urchins and eels.
(c) Sea snakes and star fish.
(d) Sea horses and anemone fish.

11. Who heads ashore to do some collecting in Agiabampo estuary?
(a) Steinbeck, Ricketts, Tiny, Sparky and Tex.
(b) Tony, Tiny, Sparky and Tex.
(c) Tiny and Sparky.
(d) Tony and Tex.

12. How does Tiny spend his time on the island of Tiburon?
(a) Labeling and sorting the specimens collected by the other crew members.
(b) Cooking meals for the other members of the expedition.
(c) Cleaning the outboard motor to ensure better performance in the next run.
(d) Taking the skiff to the little inlets to harpoon stingrays.

13. Who invites Steinbeck and Ricketts on a big-sheep hunting expedition?
(a) Some local ranchers and vacationers.
(b) Some Indians who came up in a canoe.
(c) The sons of the town mayor.
(d) The owner of the store where they bought their supplies.

14. What does the party find in Angeles Bay?
(a) They find another expedition party heading to the same destination like them.
(b) They find that it was closed to tourists and voyagers and they had to return to sea immediately.
(c) They find that there are a dozen men who want to be part of their team.
(d) There seems to be an unknown settlement with a very odd sense of something strange going on.

15. What does the expedition party do at the island of Tiburon?
(a) Talk to the priest of the island of Tiburon.
(b) Attend mass at the island of Tiburon.
(c) Visit the marine museum at the island of Tiburon.
(d) Collect specimens on a reef and a rocky shoreline.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the school of tiny fish that Tiny and Sparky on April 22 catch taste?

2. How does the morning of March 31 affect the activities of the expedition party?

3. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?

4. How does the expedition party react to the news they have heard in Guaymas?

5. Where in Puerto Refugio does the expedition party collect specimens?

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