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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the sea is very smooth, what does the crew do to take advantage of the calm seas?
(a) They play a game of hockey.
(b) They cook omelette which is very hard to cook perfectly on a rough sea,
(c) They label and sort their collection.
(d) They iron their clothes.

2. Why are Steinbeck and Ricketts delighted that the Indians will actually do the hunting?
(a) Because they are fans of Indian hunters and they would like to see some in action.
(b) Because they really do not want to kill anything.
(c) Because they befriend the Indians and feel safe beside them.
(d) Because Indians are known to have very accurate shots and they would like to witness some.

3. What specific food does the crew fight about, leading them to decide to stop making it?
(a) Strawberry pies.
(b) Apple pies.
(c) Blueberry pies.
(d) Lemon pies.

4. What feeling does the expedition party have as they leave Angeles Bay?
(a) The team members feel as if they belong in Angeles Bay and do not like to leave.
(b) Everyone in the team feels that they have finally found the best place to conduct scientific experiments in Angeles Bay.
(c) The team members feel like their stay in Angeles Bay was cut short because of the presence of the Americans and Mexicans.
(d) Everybody on the team feels that they are interfering with some illicit activity.

5. How do the ladies of Laredo react to the expedition party?
(a) The expedition party serves as a source of merriment to the local girls, and the older women cannot stop giggling.
(b) They sell many of their beadworks, telling them that the beads are rare and can only be found in Laredo.
(c) They immediately offer to serve as their housekeepers, promising good food all the time.
(d) They are offended that the expedition party is allowed to dock in Laredo.

6. Where does the expedition party go after Laredo?
(a) North to Coronado Island.
(b) North to La Luz.
(c) North to Escondido Bay.
(d) North to Punta Fuego.

7. Where in Puerto Refugio does the expedition party collect specimens?
(a) They go to the edge of Puerto Refugio and wait for the tide to go down before collecting specimens.
(b) They took a small boat to go to the island near Puerto Refugio.
(c) They find an area with abundant tidepools and this is where they collect specimens.
(d) They do not find any place to collect anything from.

8. What statement does Steinbeck give about the war to illustrate his thinking about the human race?
(a) That the war is an example of a series of bursts of nervous energy.
(b) That the war defies everything about the human race and its values.
(c) That the war is an example of how predictable human race is.
(d) That in a hundred years, it may be seen as not going in the direction that people now think.

9. What is the best description for Santa Rosalia?
(a) It is a mining town built by a French company, and looks very different from other towns they have seen.
(b) It looks all balck and gray from afar, which seems to signify that there is not much happening in the town.
(c) It has eight statues standing on shore, as if guarding the town from enemies.
(d) It looks wonderful at night with all the many lights from the establishments that line up the shore.

10. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Three.
(d) None.

11. What new species does the crew unsuccessfully try to collect in San Carlos Bay?
(a) Sea horses and anemone fish.
(b) Sea snakes and star fish.
(c) Sea urchins and eels.
(d) Seaweed and sandhoppers.

12. How does Steinbeck describe the environment and marine life that they find in Puerto Refugio?
(a) The low energy environment provides a lot of nutrition for fish and other sea creatures.
(b) The low energy environment attracts various forms of marine life.
(c) The high energy environment creates stronger and healthier species.
(d) The high energy environment drives away all the marine life.

13. What does Sparky collect to give to his friends back at home?
(a) Very beautiful snail shells.
(b) Very beautiful starfish.
(c) Very beautiful oyster pearls.
(d) Very beautiful sand dollars.

14. What does the party find in Angeles Bay?
(a) They find another expedition party heading to the same destination like them.
(b) There seems to be an unknown settlement with a very odd sense of something strange going on.
(c) They find that it was closed to tourists and voyagers and they had to return to sea immediately.
(d) They find that there are a dozen men who want to be part of their team.

15. What do the coastal Indians whom Steinbeck and Ricketts met in Puerto Escondido do?
(a) They sell pineapples, mangoes, apples and lemon.
(b) They sell sea scallops, clams, pearl oysters and conchs.
(c) They sell shirts, pants, towels and some apron.
(d) They sell shampoo, lotion, soap and toothpaste.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the life on the boat change as they get nearer the Sea of Cortez?

2. Where does the expedition party sail next on Easter Sunday?

3. Which statement best describes Puerto Refugio?

4. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?

5. How does Tiny spend his time on the island of Tiburon?

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