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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the morning of March 31 affect the activities of the expedition party?
(a) Although it is low tide, the tide was quite high and the wind is up, making it difficult to collect onshore or underwater.
(b) There is a celebration in town and the expedition party is distracted and lured into attending the party.
(c) There is a storm on the horizon which prompts the crew to leave earlier than planned.
(d) It is raining heavily which makes it impossible to collect anything on shore or underwater.

2. Where does the expedition party go after Laredo?
(a) North to Escondido Bay.
(b) North to Punta Fuego.
(c) North to Coronado Island.
(d) North to La Luz.

3. What does the expedition party see towards the end of April 22 as they sail south?
(a) Fishing boats from the town of Guaymas.
(b) Kids and mothers going to school.
(c) A group of artists with long hair and tattoos.
(d) Several dolphins and whales.

4. Which statement best describes Puerto Refugio?
(a) It is desolate and inhabited only by rattlesnakes.
(b) It is busy with a lot of tourists and vacationers.
(c) It is a crime-infested town which is not highly recommended by locals.
(d) It is so solemn, with people walking with their heads bowed.

5. Who enjoys the favors of the locals the most in Puerto Refugio?
(a) Tex and Tony.
(b) Sparky and Steinbeck.
(c) Tiny and Sparky.
(d) Steinbeck and Ricketts.

6. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?
(a) Three.
(b) None.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

7. How is Guaymas different from the other towns they have been in?
(a) Guaymas welcomes visitors to become resident
(b) Guaymas does not ask for taxes from its visitors.
(c) Guaymas does not speak English.
(d) Guaymas seems to be foucs on news, business and tourism.

8. How is the team's photography effort described in general?
(a) It is so remarkable that it is cited as an example of what expeditions should follow during voyages.
(b) It is so poor that it is used as an example of what shouldn't be done with a camera.
(c) It is neither remarkably good or remarkably bad.
(d) There is nothing mentioned about the team's photography efforts.

9. How does Tiny spend his time on the island of Tiburon?
(a) Labeling and sorting the specimens collected by the other crew members.
(b) Cleaning the outboard motor to ensure better performance in the next run.
(c) Taking the skiff to the little inlets to harpoon stingrays.
(d) Cooking meals for the other members of the expedition.

10. How do the ladies of Laredo react to the expedition party?
(a) The expedition party serves as a source of merriment to the local girls, and the older women cannot stop giggling.
(b) They are offended that the expedition party is allowed to dock in Laredo.
(c) They immediately offer to serve as their housekeepers, promising good food all the time.
(d) They sell many of their beadworks, telling them that the beads are rare and can only be found in Laredo.

11. Where is Puerto Refugio located?
(a) Along the northern part of San Diego Bay.
(b) Along the east coast of Guardian Angel Island.
(c) On the east coast of Magdalena Bay.
(d) Near the Sea of Cortez, just south of the island.

12. What concept does Steinbeck muse on, as inspired by the seemingly millions of fish in the water?
(a) The schooling behavior of fishes.
(b) The culinary delights that can be made out of the many fish in the ocean.
(c) The duration of the trip and decides to go back for a longer one.
(d) The wealth and poverty and its inequality.

13. What does the expedition party encounter as they sail along the coast of Guardian Angel Island?
(a) A school of small fish which they catch and cook for dinner.
(b) Another boat that is returning to land.
(c) A group of sea turtles swimming against the tide.
(d) Schools of jellyfishes that cannot be easily netted or preserved.

14. What do the members of the expedition party feel when they see fishermen in their spotless white outfits?
(a) They find the white shirts very nice and wondered where they bought them.
(b) They wonder what detergents these fishermen use and vow to use it when they return home.
(c) They feel some contempt as a result of being a bit dingy and salt-encrusted.
(d) They don't believe these are real fishermen since fishermen do not wear white.

15. What particular sea creature interests Tiny on their way to Estero de la Luna?
(a) Giant manta rays.
(b) Giant sea horses.
(c) Giant sea turtles.
(d) Giant porpoises.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who heads ashore to do some collecting in Agiabampo estuary?

2. Where in Puerto Refugio does the expedition party collect specimens?

3. What specific food does the crew fight about, leading them to decide to stop making it?

4. How does the life on the boat change as they get nearer the Sea of Cortez?

5. What observations does Steinbeck note as the party sails on to the Sea of Cortez?

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