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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) None.
(d) Two.

2. What statement does Steinbeck give about the war to illustrate his thinking about the human race?
(a) That the war defies everything about the human race and its values.
(b) That the war is an example of a series of bursts of nervous energy.
(c) That the war is an example of how predictable human race is.
(d) That in a hundred years, it may be seen as not going in the direction that people now think.

3. What observation do Steinbeck and Ricketts have regarding the marine life in Coronado Island and Monterey Bay?
(a) That most species swim in twos.
(b) That many species have blue and black dominant colors.
(c) That most species have a red spot on their tails.
(d) That many species from the two places appear to be similar.

4. How can the crew's dining activities be best described?
(a) They eat sandwiches day and night, and coffee to go with it.
(b) The party is eating mostly fish and biscuits, except when Sparky makes spaghetti.
(c) They eat rice and soup, which Sparky makes from the seaweed they have collected.
(d) They refrain from eating fish since it reminds them too much of the species they have collected.

5. How do the ladies of Laredo react to the expedition party?
(a) They are offended that the expedition party is allowed to dock in Laredo.
(b) They sell many of their beadworks, telling them that the beads are rare and can only be found in Laredo.
(c) They immediately offer to serve as their housekeepers, promising good food all the time.
(d) The expedition party serves as a source of merriment to the local girls, and the older women cannot stop giggling.

6. Why does everyone feel a bit gloomy on their return to the Gulf?
(a) They feel that the expedition is a failure.
(b) They all want to stay for one more week at sea.
(c) One of their crew members dies.
(d) Some want to stay while some are eager to get to the end.

7. Who enjoys the favors of the locals the most in Puerto Refugio?
(a) Sparky and Steinbeck.
(b) Tex and Tony.
(c) Tiny and Sparky.
(d) Steinbeck and Ricketts.

8. What is the best description for Santa Rosalia?
(a) It is a mining town built by a French company, and looks very different from other towns they have seen.
(b) It looks all balck and gray from afar, which seems to signify that there is not much happening in the town.
(c) It looks wonderful at night with all the many lights from the establishments that line up the shore.
(d) It has eight statues standing on shore, as if guarding the town from enemies.

9. What concept does Steinbeck muse on, as inspired by the seemingly millions of fish in the water?
(a) The wealth and poverty and its inequality.
(b) The duration of the trip and decides to go back for a longer one.
(c) The schooling behavior of fishes.
(d) The culinary delights that can be made out of the many fish in the ocean.

10. Why does everyone decide to put Tex on a diet?
(a) Because he is getting married when they return, and he has been gaining weight on the voyage.
(b) Because he has not been doing his share of chores.
(c) Because he has eaten the most in the last four weeks of the voyage.
(d) Because he eats all the food in the journey, and there is not enough for the whole crew.

11. What does the expedition party catch in Concepcion Bay?
(a) Tuna.
(b) Sea anemone.
(c) Swordfish.
(d) Jellyfish.

12. What is the best description for Angeles Bay?
(a) It is the last place where expedition party members can grab a few drinks before getting back to the boat.
(b) It is a trading town where goods can be exchanged, sold and bought.
(c) It is where several expedition parties meet up and exchange information.
(d) It is the last collecting stop of the expedition on the west side of the Gulf.

13. Who heads ashore to do some collecting in Agiabampo estuary?
(a) Tiny and Sparky.
(b) Steinbeck, Ricketts, Tiny, Sparky and Tex.
(c) Tony, Tiny, Sparky and Tex.
(d) Tony and Tex.

14. What feeling does Steinbeck get from Estero de la Luna?
(a) At home and do not want to leave.
(b) That it is not a friendly place.
(c) That it is full of ghosts.
(d) At one with nature.

15. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?
(a) A ten-foot squid.
(b) A ten-foot baby whaleshark.
(c) A ten-foot jelly fish.
(d) A ten-foot mantra ray.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which statement best describes Puerto Refugio?

2. How does Steinbeck see the history of the human race?

3. Why does the crew forego stopping at Santa Rosalia?

4. How does the author describe the call of the doves?

5. Why does the party chose not to dock in Guaymas and instead anchor in a nearby bay?

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