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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What observation do Steinbeck and Ricketts have regarding the marine life in Coronado Island and Monterey Bay?
(a) That most species have a red spot on their tails.
(b) That many species have blue and black dominant colors.
(c) That many species from the two places appear to be similar.
(d) That most species swim in twos.

2. Why does the party chose not to dock in Guaymas and instead anchor in a nearby bay?
(a) They are suspicious of a man they see walking along the port.
(b) The port fees are high because it is late in the night and they do not want to pay the fees.
(c) They see more marine life in the nearby bay than in Guaymas.
(d) They do not want the town to know that they have arrived.

3. What does the expedition party do at the island of Tiburon?
(a) Attend mass at the island of Tiburon.
(b) Collect specimens on a reef and a rocky shoreline.
(c) Visit the marine museum at the island of Tiburon.
(d) Talk to the priest of the island of Tiburon.

4. Why does Tony berates Tiny and Sparky?
(a) Because Tiny and Sparky accidentally drop some oil into Tony's shirt.
(b) Tiny and Sparky eat all the food while everybody is asleep.
(c) The boat goes off-course while Tiny and Sparky are at the helm, causing Tony to berate them.
(d) Tony suddenly flares for no apparent reason.

5. What does the expedition party catch in Concepcion Bay?
(a) Tuna.
(b) Swordfish.
(c) Sea anemone.
(d) Jellyfish.

6. What does Sparky accidentally do on April 3?
(a) He harpoons a cat.
(b) He harpoons a bat.
(c) He harpoons a stingray.
(d) He harpoons a dog.

7. How does the school of tiny fish that Tiny and Sparky on April 22 catch taste?
(a) Spicy and sour.
(b) A bit salty.
(c) Very tasty.
(d) Sweet and sour.

8. What little surprise does the crew find in the seemingly uninteresting beach?
(a) A treasure map buried in the sand, which indicates that a treasure can be found in the Sea of Cortez.
(b) A large school of tiny fish comes in and make a hissing noise in the water all around them.
(c) A group of rattlesnakes which follow them wherever they go.
(d) A large treasure chest that contains jewels.

9. What does Steinbeck lament about that is in connection with persistence of beliefs and actual happenings?
(a) That persistence of beliefs can actually lead to actual happenings.
(b) That actual happenings are always distorted to give way to more controversial beliefs.
(c) That a good hypothesis can blind a person to alternative theories and even to actual data that could disprove it.
(d) That actual happenings are actually the basis of many persistent beliefs.

10. How does the expedition party scare the shark that was circling their their boat?
(a) They scare it with a pistol shot.
(b) They scare it by throwing sticks at it.
(c) They scare it by throwing some soiled shirts to the sea.
(d) They scare it by playing loud music.

11. How many of these sea creatures that interest him does Tiny catch?
(a) Three.
(b) None.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

12. Why does the crew have a hard time handling a particular sea cucumber?
(a) Because that sea cucumber has a habit of expelling its insides when taken out of water.
(b) Because that sea cucumber had a lot of thorns, unusual for its kind.
(c) Because that sea cucumber has a very strange skin that was so slippery.
(d) Because that sea cucumber has a very foul smell, making the crew unable to come near it.

13. Which sea creature frightens Tiny?
(a) A ten-foot squid.
(b) A ten-foot jelly fish.
(c) A ten-foot baby whaleshark.
(d) A ten-foot mantra ray.

14. Why are Steinbeck and Ricketts delighted that the Indians will actually do the hunting?
(a) Because they befriend the Indians and feel safe beside them.
(b) Because Indians are known to have very accurate shots and they would like to witness some.
(c) Because they are fans of Indian hunters and they would like to see some in action.
(d) Because they really do not want to kill anything.

15. What does the expedition party do in the morning of March 30?
(a) The party cleans all the kitchen dirt left the night before.
(b) The party refuels and buys supplies.
(c) The party begins preparing for their journey back home.
(d) The party begins collecting because the tide is out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sparky collect to give to his friends back at home?

2. What is the best description for Angeles Bay?

3. How do the ladies of Laredo react to the expedition party?

4. What can be found in Laredo that is of particular interest to the expedition party?

5. Which statement best describes Puerto Escondido?

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