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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through April 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which statement best describes Concepcion Bay, the expedition's next destination?
(a) There are so many jellyfish and sea anemone clearly seen from the deck of the boat.
(b) Too many rocks can be found near the shore, which signals the unwillingness of the town to accept visitors.
(c) There is not marine life in the bay, and so the crew left hastily.
(d) Schools of tuna amd swordfish can be found in the bay and leap all around them.

2. What does the expedition party do differently on the morning of March 28?
(a) They have tea instead of coffee for breakfast.
(b) They have a late morning, waking up at nine am.
(c) They have omelettes, which they haven't had in days.
(d) They have breakfast in bed.

3. What is taking place on the day before the expedition party leaves for its journey?
(a) A celebration marking the end of the sardine fishing season.
(b) A mass to bless the travelers in their journey.
(c) A mass asking for good harvest.
(d) A celebration for the success of the expedition.

4. Which statement best describes the marine life in Puerto Escondido?
(a) The number of specimens are reduced because the tide carries them all out of the island.
(b) The marine life is greatly preserved by the locals, as shown from many posters seen around town.
(c) The number of specimens are increased due to the wide variety of habitats and niches in the entrance of the bay.
(d) There is no marine life to speak of.

5. What scientific testing does Steinbeck intend to do on the liquor?
(a) Determine if his crew can drink the liquor instead of the water for two weeks.
(b) Test if the seawater will work well with the liquor.
(c) Determine if the liquor can really substitute the engine fuel.
(d) Determine if the aphrodisiac liquor really works.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the expedition party go on the morning of March 23, Black Saturday?

2. What is non-teleological thinking, as introduced by the author on Easter Sunday, March 24?

3. What does Tiny do when they reach Magdalena Bay?

4. How can the crew's dining activities be best described?

5. What does Steinbeck say about the authors of the descriptions written about Cabo San Lucas?

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