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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tony's requirement to the group?
(a) He requires that the course be maintained as perfectly as possible.
(b) He requires that they wash heir hands prior to taking the wheel.
(c) He requires that no one will talk while at sea.
(d) He requires that they say a seaman's prayer before taking the wheel.

2. Why does the expedition party set sail to La Paz?
(a) They have been told that there are a lot of aphrodisiacs being sold in the place.
(b) They have heard of a magic show in La paz which they all wanted to see.
(c) They have heard much about La Paz and are eager to see the city.
(d) They have relatives and friends who live in La Paz and they are eager to visit them.

3. What does Steinbeck notice about the sense of time of the local people of Cabo San Lucas?
(a) It is reversed, sleeping during the day and working during the night.
(b) There is nothing different about their sense of time and that of the indigents'.
(c) They seem to all walk faster, indicating that they have a faster sense of time.
(d) It seems so different from their own.

4. What explanation does the expedition party give to the Mexicans they meet on Espiritu Santo Island?
(a) They are looking at useless animals out of general scientific interest.
(b) They are attracted to the culture of the place and want to stay there for good.
(c) They are collecting curios which will fetch a good price back at home.
(d) They are just passing along, and their destination is Southeast Asia.

5. What are the two types of biologists, as discussed by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts?
(a) Those who teach in the university and those who work for corporations.
(b) Those who have their own laboratory and those who rent a space for their laboratory works.
(c) Those who work at night and those who work during the day.
(d) Those who study dead, preserved animals and those who study life in all its complexity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Tex?

2. What is Steinbeck's thesis about origins of names of places, specifically California?

3. What happens when Steinbeck and Ricketts photograph the bonito and other fish?

4. What does the expedition party do in the morning of March 30?

5. Steinbeck worries about the soldiers' reaction to what during their travel?

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