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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Unnamed section, p. 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is taking place on the day before the expedition party leaves for its journey?
(a) A mass asking for good harvest.
(b) A celebration marking the end of the sardine fishing season.
(c) A celebration for the success of the expedition.
(d) A mass to bless the travelers in their journey.

2. Who is Tex?
(a) The mechanic of the crew.
(b) Ed Rickett's son.
(c) John Steinbeck's son.
(d) The leader of the four-string quartet hired for the expedition.

3. Who are the major characters and the expedition team leaders in the story?
(a) John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts.
(b) John Steinbeck and Tony Berry.
(c) John Steinbeck and a World War II veteran.
(d) Tony Berry and Ed Ricketts.

4. What is The Log from the Sea of Cortez?
(a) It is the wood sold out by the expedition party to several cities in Mexico.
(b) It is a very special wood found by John Steinbeck and his close friend, Ed Ricketts when they went to Cortez.
(c) It is a seaman's book they found on the Sea of Cortez which contains important information on marine biology.
(d) It is the journal describing the marino biology expedition carried out by John Steinbeck and his close friend, Ed Ricketts.

5. What type of biologist is preferred by John Steinbeck?
(a) The type who studies life in all its complexities.
(b) The type who study dead, preserved animals.
(c) The type who work for the big corporations.
(d) The type who teaches in the university.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the expedition party do on their last night ashore when their boat is ready and loaded?

2. What is unique about the expedition described in the story?

3. What is the concept explored by the author in the section that pertains to boats and men?

4. What is the greater purpose for which the author wants to use his observations of the activities of the biological creatures?

5. According to John Steinbeck, what does a well-cared for and lovingly maintained boat indicate?

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