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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through April 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do members of the party feel when they are the one manning the wheel?
(a) The team members feel a but sad and melancholic listening to the sea breeze.
(b) The team members feel some pressure when they are manning the wheel, especially when Tony is watching.
(c) The team members are excited, causing them to make wrong turns.
(d) The team members feel happy and contented, and would like to remain at sea, when they are manning the wheel.

2. What type of biologist is preferred by John Steinbeck?
(a) The type who study dead, preserved animals.
(b) The type who studies life in all its complexities.
(c) The type who work for the big corporations.
(d) The type who teaches in the university.

3. What does Tiny collect in La Paz?
(a) Unremarkable species that are representative of the more common species in the area.
(b) Dirty dishes from the various eating places they have visited.
(c) Rare, poisonous fish only seen in La Paz.
(d) Spices and herbs that are reputed to be aphrodisiac.

4. There is a struggle for scraps and morsels of food.Who are the participants in the struggle?
(a) Wild pigs, vultures and dogs.
(b) The local boys in the area.
(c) The Indians in the area.
(d) Tiny and Sparky.

5. How does the morning of March 31 affect the activities of the expedition party?
(a) Although it is low tide, the tide was quite high and the wind is up, making it difficult to collect onshore or underwater.
(b) There is a storm on the horizon which prompts the crew to leave earlier than planned.
(c) It is raining heavily which makes it impossible to collect anything on shore or underwater.
(d) There is a celebration in town and the expedition party is distracted and lured into attending the party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can be found in Laredo that is of particular interest to the expedition party?

2. How does the school of tiny fish that Tiny and Sparky on April 22 catch taste?

3. What difficulty does the expedition party encounter when they were collecting specimen in Cabo San Lucas?

4. What does Tex find out about the skiff's outboard motor?

5. How does Steinbeck compare navigation at sea to life?

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