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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through April 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steinbeck lament about that is in connection with persistence of beliefs and actual happenings?
(a) That a good hypothesis can blind a person to alternative theories and even to actual data that could disprove it.
(b) That actual happenings are always distorted to give way to more controversial beliefs.
(c) That actual happenings are actually the basis of many persistent beliefs.
(d) That persistence of beliefs can actually lead to actual happenings.

2. What does the expedition party do differently on the morning of March 28?
(a) They have tea instead of coffee for breakfast.
(b) They have omelettes, which they haven't had in days.
(c) They have a late morning, waking up at nine am.
(d) They have breakfast in bed.

3. What difficulty does the expedition party encounter when they were collecting specimen in Cabo San Lucas?
(a) The locals do not want them to go ashore which make collecting specimen an impossibility.
(b) The local policemen require that each should have driver's license, which Steinbeck and Ricketts do not have.
(c) Collecting specimens is difficult due to the unique characteristics of the species such as the posionous spines of the worms which was hazardous to the activity.
(d) The local officials do not want them to take anything away, and suggest instead that they study the specimen while they are ashore.

4. What are dry-balls?
(a) They are the dried cotton balls brought to sea as part of the medicine kit.
(b) They are the dried coconut husks used by the local children to play ball.
(c) They are the medicines given to the expedition party by the locals.
(d) They are the biologists who study dead, preserved animals.

5. How does Steinbeck compare navigation at sea to life?
(a) He likens trying to keep a course to walking a tight pole.
(b) He likens sea navigation to courting a girl.
(c) He likens trying to keep a course to attempting to achieve an ideal.
(d) He likens sea navigation to cooking a gourmet course.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the expedition party heading?

2. What little surprise does the crew find in the seemingly uninteresting beach?

3. How does the school of tiny fish that Tiny and Sparky on April 22 catch taste?

4. What happens to the porpoises, as observed by Steinbeck and Ricketts?

5. Which statement best describes Concepcion Bay, the expedition's next destination?

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