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Sea of Cortez, Mexico

This is the destination of the voyage in the story. The expedition party takes a long route to reach this destination.

Western Flyer

This vessel is hired by the expedition party. It is described as a very well maintained vessel.

Monterey Bay, California

This place is the starting and ending point of the expedition. The first chapters of the story take place here.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This place is a small cannery town at the southern tip of Baja, California.

The Sea-Cow

This is the nickname given by the crew to the skiff's outboard motor.

La Paz, Mexico

This is a colonial port city on the Baja Peninsula. The expedition party stops here to collect specimens, attend Good Friday services and refurbish supplies.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

This is a port town on the Baja Peninsula. The...

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