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Planning An Expedition

• Divide the class into groups of ten.

• Ask each group to plan an imaginary expedition for their group, whether by land, sea or air.

• Ask them to give specific roles to each member of the class as they will be the pilots, captains, drivers of their own expeditions.

• Ask them to come up with a route, complete with time and schedules, and list of things to do in each stop.

The Western Flyer

• The Western Flyer is not physically described.

• Form groups of five from the class and ask each group to come up with a model for the Western Flyer, based on how they picture the Western Flyer from the story.

Fashion Sense

• Pirates are known for their particular fashion.

• While Steinbeck and the rest of the expedition party are not pirates, they are nevertheless seafarers.

• Divide the class into groups...

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