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Unnamed section, p. 5

• John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts take on a marine biology expedition from March 11 to April 20, 1940. They are ably joined by Tony Berry and his vessel, the Western Flyer, and three other crew members.
• The author narrates how the Log from the Sea of Cortez came to life. It was out of the author's frustration over getting information that can help them on their voyage. As a result, he wants to document their experience through the Log so that other future voyagers will not have a hard time as he had.

Unnamed section, p. 13

• Steinbeck and Ricketts spend some time in Monterey Bay while their vessel is being outfitted. Meanwhile, they discuss on the relationship of boats and men.

Unnamed section, p. 17

• Tony Berry, the captain of the Western Flyer, and Tex, the mechanic, are introduced. They are described in connection with the things they are...

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