The Lock Artist: A Novel Character Descriptions

Steve Hamilton
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This character decides to write his story since he has not spoken since he was 8 years old.


This character sends comic strips to the man who loves her.

Uncle Lito

This character becomes a legal guardian after the tragedy the main character experiences at the age of 8.

The Blue Crew

These character's nicknames are Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Amateurs

This group of four men page the main character on the yellow pager to steal diamonds from a house in Connecticut.

The Ghost

This character is an expert safe cracker who trains the main character.

Mr. Martie

This character is an art teacher at Milford High School.

Griffin King

This character feels guilty for not turning himself in to the police.

Brian Hauser

This character is the Milford High School football star.

Mr. Marsh

This character makes the main character dig a pool for him as a...

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