The Lock Artist: A Novel Character Descriptions

Steve Hamilton
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Mike - This character decides to write his story since he has not spoken since he was 8 years old.

Amelia - This character sends comic strips to the man who loves her.

Uncle Lito - This character becomes a legal guardian after the tragedy the main character experiences at the age of 8.

The Blue Crew - These character's nicknames are Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Amateurs - This group of four men page the main character on the yellow pager to steal diamonds from a house in Connecticut.

The Ghost - This character is an expert safe cracker who trains the main character.

Mr. Martie - This character is an art teacher at Milford High School.

Griffin King - This character feels guilty for not turning himself in to the police.

Brian Hauser - This character is the Milford High School football star.

Mr. Marsh - This character...

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