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Alicia Partnoy
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of treatment was Graciela given?
(a) She was deprived of medicine.
(b) She was tortured.
(c) She was blinded.
(d) She was exiled.

2. How does Alicia feel about her allergies?
(a) She feels they are a complete advantage.
(b) She feels they are equally advantageous and disadvantageous.
(c) She feels they are a complete disadvantage.
(d) She is completely indifferent.

3. What does Alicia pass to Benja?
(a) She passes her quince jam.
(b) She passes her slipper.
(c) She passes her leftover cheese and bread.
(d) She passes her extra blanket.

4. As a night guard, what does Pato usually do?
(a) He drinks booze and falls asleep.
(b) He sneaks them water.
(c) He waked them every hour.
(d) He takes them extra times to the latrine.

5. As children, what did Alicia's brother call her?
(a) Nariz.
(b) Cyrana.
(c) Licia.
(d) Nos.

6. Which prisoner thinks they are getting privileges as a tactic to break them into cooperation?
(a) Maria Elena.
(b) Vasca.
(c) Benja.
(d) Patichoti.

7. What kind of paper does the guard give to Alicia?
(a) Newspaper.
(b) Sandpaper.
(c) Toilet paper.
(d) Construction paper.

8. Who had Alicia missed at the Little School by several days?
(a) Nestor and Mary.
(b) Maria Elena.
(c) Benja.
(d) Chiche.

9. What strange tactic does Alicia try to get in touch with her family?
(a) Telepathy.
(b) Homing pigeons.
(c) Writing in the dirt.
(d) Messages in bottles.

10. After the entire night tied up, what is Benja finally allowed to do?
(a) Lie down on a bunk bed.
(b) Use the latrine.
(c) Drink some water.
(d) Go outside.

11. What is the guards' excuse for giving the prisoners treats?
(a) They feel sorry for the malnourished prisoners.
(b) To celebrate the capture of new prisoners.
(c) They want them to confess so they give them treats as incentive.
(d) For holidays and birthdays.

12. By the time she is offered her third shower, how long has Alicia been at the Little School?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) Two months.
(c) Six weeks.
(d) Four months.

13. Who is Raul?
(a) Maria Elena's boyfriend.
(b) Hugo's brother.
(c) Graciela's husband.
(d) Alicia's husband.

14. How old is Alicia when she is captured?
(a) 21.
(b) 25.
(c) 32.
(d) 19.

15. Who is forced to walk around the table, again and again for days on end?
(a) Alicia.
(b) Graciela.
(c) Vasca.
(d) Benja.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often is Alicia allowed to see herself in a mirror?

2. What worries Alicia the day after her experiment as she wakes up?

3. Through her telepathy experiment, of what fact is Alicia certain, though she cannot know?

4. What does the protagonist notice on the floor by her bed?

5. When she was captured, what did the guards do to Graciela?

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