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Alicia Partnoy
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which guard does Graciela ask about Raul?
(a) Viego.
(b) Loro.
(c) Bruja.
(d) Peine.

2. Through her telepathy experiment, of what fact is Alicia certain, though she cannot know?
(a) She is certain that her husband is dead.
(b) She is certain that one of her grandfathers has died.
(c) She is certain that her daughter is captured.
(d) She is certain that the revolution has begun.

3. What does Alicia pass to Benja?
(a) She passes her leftover cheese and bread.
(b) She passes her quince jam.
(c) She passes her extra blanket.
(d) She passes her slipper.

4. What physical trait does Alicia note about Patichoti?
(a) He has six toes on one foot.
(b) He is missing a leg.
(c) He wears glasses.
(d) His eyes are brown.

5. On what street do Alicia's parents live?
(a) Paraguay Street.
(b) Uruguay Street.
(c) Chile Street.
(d) Ecuador Street.

6. What does the "little frog" represent?
(a) The song of the human heart.
(b) The regime in power.
(c) The subversive message.
(d) The time period.

7. What does the protagonist notice on the floor by her bed?
(a) The sky blue of her husband's pants.
(b) Her daughter's toy.
(c) A basket of bread.
(d) A stack of books.

8. What concession have the guards made for the pregnant woman?
(a) She is allowed to use their bathroom.
(b) She is allowed multiple trips to the latrine.
(c) She is allowed to eat more.
(d) She is allowed to write letters to home.

9. When the visitor promises her a treat, what room is Alicia staying in?
(a) She is in the sunroom, directly across from the torture room.
(b) She is in the guards' bathroom.
(c) She is in the guards' quarters.
(d) She is in a room for prisoners with bad behavior who refuse to collaborate.

10. What was the one thing Nestor and Mary could not convince Alica of?
(a) The existence of God.
(b) The existence of aliens.
(c) The potential of Socialism.
(d) The success of Capitalism.

11. Who is Adrianita?
(a) Hugo's wife.
(b) Alicia's daughter.
(c) Graciela's daughter.
(d) Benja's girlfriend.

12. Why does Alicia arm-wrestle Abuelo?
(a) She is going insane with boredom.
(b) She knows he cannot touch her.
(c) She is trying to keep him from beating Benja.
(d) She is feeling competitive and knows she can win.

13. What does her husband do when he is tortured?
(a) He tells all the political secrets.
(b) He screams and cries.
(c) He is absolutely silent.
(d) He sings a lullaby.

14. As a teenager, with what political movement was Partnoy involved?
(a) Peronism.
(b) Socialism.
(c) Stalinism.
(d) Fidelism.

15. How often is Alicia allowed to see herself in a mirror?
(a) Every thirty days.
(b) Every twenty days.
(c) Every five days.
(d) Every ten days.

Short Answer Questions

1. After her experience, what word does Alicia use to describe God?

2. How many times a day are the prisoners allowed to relieve themselves?

3. What was Partnoy's weight during her captivity?

4. What did Graciela and Raul want to do before they were captured?

5. To whom is the book dedicated?

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