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Nina George
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 22, how old is the woman that Perdu chooses to dance with?
(a) 40s.
(b) 20s.
(c) 50s.
(d) 30s.

2. In Chapter 24, how often does Perdu send Catherine a card?
(a) Every other day.
(b) Twice a week.
(c) Daily.
(d) Weekly.

3. What month is it in Chapter 34?
(a) June.
(b) September.
(c) August.
(d) July.

4. What animal do Max, Perdu, and Cuneo attempt to rescue in Chapter 26?
(a) Moose.
(b) Cat.
(c) Dog.
(d) Deer.

5. In Chapter 32, how long does Perdu say is the longest that he has ever been genuinely happy in one stretch?
(a) About 4 hours.
(b) 1 day.
(c) About 3 hours.
(d) 2 days.

6. How old was Samy when she fell out of a tree?
(a) 8.
(b) 12.
(c) 9.
(d) 13.

7. In Chapter 29, who does Cuneo say that his parents were?
(a) Cleaning lady and a married teacher.
(b) Secretary and her boss.
(c) Dancer and a businessman.
(d) Waitress and a professor.

8. How old is Samantha in Chapter 31?
(a) Late 50s.
(b) Late 40s.
(c) Early 40s.
(d) Early 60s.

9. What type of trees can be seen along the water at the beginning of Chapter 26?
(a) Willows.
(b) Cottonwoods.
(c) Oaks.
(d) Elms.

10. In Chapter 22, how old is the woman that Perdu tells Max to dance with?
(a) 40s-50s.
(b) 30s-40s.
(c) 50s-60s
(d) 20s-30s.

11. In Chapter 32, how long were the men in Cuisery after meeting Samy?
(a) 4 days.
(b) 5 days.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 3 days.

12. At the beginning of Chapter 26, what lock are Perdu, Max, and Cuneo approaching?
(a) Suresnes.
(b) Bois-le-roi.
(c) La Grange.
(d) Evry.

13. In Manon's diary at the end of Chapter 21, when was she marrying Luc?
(a) April.
(b) June.
(c) May.
(d) July.

14. In what direction do the men go at the beginning of Chapter 27?
(a) North.
(b) Southwest.
(c) Southeast.
(d) South.

15. How long was Perdu with Manon?
(a) 6 years.
(b) 5 years.
(c) 7 years.
(d) 8 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 30, when was the book of life supposedly written?

2. In Chapter 31, how long does Samantha say that Max should wait to write his second book?

3. In Chapter 21, how many names are on Perdu's list of possible authors of Sanary's Southern Lights?

4. In Chapter 35, what type of hat is the woman wearing who Max asks for directions?

5. At the end of Chapter 25, what scent does Perdu think he smells?

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