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Nina George
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 21, how old does Perdu think that P.D. Olson is?
(a) 91.
(b) 87.
(c) 82.
(d) 78.

2. In Chapter 22, what color eyes does the woman have that Perdu tells Max to dance with?
(a) Green.
(b) Brown.
(c) Blue.
(d) Gray.

3. In Manon's Travel Diary at the end of Chapter 33, how many days did she say she and Perdu had?
(a) 169.
(b) 89.
(c) 238.
(d) 311.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 26, what lock are Perdu, Max, and Cuneo approaching?
(a) La Grange.
(b) Bois-le-roi.
(c) Evry.
(d) Suresnes.

5. How many people live in the village that Perdu says is crazy about books?
(a) 1,641.
(b) 987.
(c) 1,209.
(d) 835.

6. In Chapter 22, how old is the woman that Perdu tells Max to dance with?
(a) 20s-30s.
(b) 40s-50s.
(c) 50s-60s
(d) 30s-40s.

7. In Chapter 24, what does Cuneo serve with roasted red vegetables?
(a) Veal cutlets.
(b) Lamb chops.
(c) Pork chops.
(d) Lamb cutlets.

8. In Chapter 32, what does Samy remember that her father used to call her?
(a) Precious.
(b) Manny.
(c) Sasa.
(d) Little love.

9. At the end of Chapter 25, what scent does Perdu think he smells?
(a) Lavender.
(b) Pine.
(c) Lemon.
(d) Orange.

10. What does Cuneo take with him when he joins Max and Perdu on the barge in Chapter 23?
(a) Basket and suitcase.
(b) Toolbox and leather suitcase.
(c) Duffel bag.
(d) Knapsack.

11. In Chapter 24, what is the scent of Perdu's failure and happiness?
(a) Lavender.
(b) Cinnamon.
(c) Roses.
(d) Thyme.

12. What is Cuneo's first name?
(a) Salvatore.
(b) Donatello.
(c) Ricco.
(d) Giovanni.

13. In Chapter 21, how many names are on Perdu's list of possible authors of Sanary's Southern Lights?
(a) 9.
(b) 6.
(c) 21.
(d) 11.

14. In Chapter 29, where do Perdu, Max, and Cuneo run into a storm?
(a) Between Macon and Lyons.
(b) Between Arras and Lyons.
(c) Between Dijon and Lyons.
(d) Between Dijon and Beune.

15. In Chapter 21, when does Perdu say that he met P. D. Olson?
(a) 1986.
(b) 1985.
(c) 1991.
(d) 1982.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 27, what does Cuneo say that Apremont is for?

2. In Chapter 32, how many nuclear power stations have the men passed?

3. In Chapter 35, how long does it take Perdu to persuade Samy and Cuneo to take the barge?

4. In Chapter 25, how long are Perdu, Max, and Cuneo in Briare when they are asked to leave?

5. In Manon's diary at the end of Chapter 21, when was she marrying Luc?

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