The Little Paris Bookshop Short Essay - Answer Key

Nina George
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1. Where is the table that Perdu decides to give away in Chapter 1, and how does he have to get into the room?

The room where the table sits is behind a bookcase. Perdu has to take the books off the shelves and pile them up beside him into stacks that tower beside him. Then he loosens the fastenings of the shelves and reveals the door to the room.

2. What can Perdu smell in Chapter 1 when he opens a casement window?

When Perdu opens a casement window, aromas come swirling in from the back courtyard. He can smell herbs, rosemary and thyme mixed with massage oils, pancakes with African barbecued dishes, and the fragrance of lime blossoms.

3. How did Madame Catherine Le P find out that her husband had left her?

Madame Catherine Le P found out that her husband had left her when she came home late one evening and her key no longer fit into the lock. There was a suitcase on the stairs with divorce papers on top of it. Her husband had moved and taken the furniture and a new woman with him.

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