Objects & Places from The Little Paris Bookshop

Nina George
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The Name Jean Perdu

This last name means “lost” and symbolizes how the character has been lost for more than 20 years after losing a lover.

The Literary Apothecary

This floating bookshop symbolizes how its owner is afraid to cast off from the shore and is anchored in Paris.

White Raven

This is what Manon describes Perdu as when she first meets him and symbolizes his ability to read souls.

Manon's Flag

Created by Manon, this object is finally flown by Perdu on his journey symbolizing Perdu reconciling with his past.


This dance allows dancers to have a bond without commitment and symbolized the love between Purdue and Manon.


This is Cuneo’s lost lover and symbolizes the struggle between recognizing reality and idealism.


This is the name that Elaia calls her cancer, as it helps Elaia to be more comfortable with her condition and continue...

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