The Little Paris Bookshop Fun Activities

Nina George
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Create a diorama of the bookshop barge.

Great Encyclopedia of Male Emotions

Create an excerpt of an encyclopedia of emotions like the one that Perdu begins to write.

Book Prescription

Discuss with a group what book Perdu might choose for a friend or family member you know who is going through a crisis.

Down the Seine

Plan a trip down the Seine in a barge or houseboat. Describe the places you would stop and visit.


With a group, create a game similar to Boules and play it.

Manon or Perdu to Blame

Discuss with a group whether Manon was to blame or if Perdu was to blame when he was not with her when she died.

A Dinner by Cuneo

Create a menu for a dinner that Cuneo might have prepared.

A Place to Heal

Discuss with a group where you would like to go if...

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