The Little Paris Bookshop Character Descriptions

Nina George
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Jean Perdu

This character is from Paris and has a bookshop on a barge. He prescribes books for soul ailments, although he cannot heal himself.


This character, from Provence, married one man and had another as a lover. She died of cancer over 20 years ago shortly after giving birth to a daughter.

Max Jordan

This character is a young writer who wrote a bestselling novel about men’s emotional capabilities. After joining a bookseller on a river journey, this character finds his love and a desire to write children's books.


This character is a recent divorcee who meets and corresponds with a bookseller. She ends up living with the bookseller in Provence.


This character joins a river journey telling everyone that he is looking for a woman that 20 years ago he spent a romantic evening on the beach. He later admits that he found the woman...

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