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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tungata do before taking some of the diamonds from Lobengula's tomb?
(a) He asks Craig's permission.
(b) He chooses only the perfect ones.
(c) He proposes to Sarah.
(d) He asks Lobengula's permission.

2. What does Vusamanzi believe about Tungata?
(a) He is a betrayer.
(b) He should marry Sarah.
(c) He is the chosen one.
(d) He has too much power.

3. Craig decides the only way he can fight Peter's soldiers that are pursuing him into the desert is...
(a) By fighting hand to hand.
(b) By driving away.
(c) By joining them.
(d) By running away.

4. How do Craig, Sally-Anne, Sarah and Tungata stay calm while in Lobengula's tomb?
(a) They listen to Tungata's stories of the freedom fighting days.
(b) They listen to Craig's stories about the diamonds.
(c) They listen to Sarah sing in Sindebele.
(d) The listen to Sally-Anne's stories of catching poachers when she worked for the Wildlife Federation.

5. How does Captain Nbebi avoid patrols at first?
(a) By using back roads.
(b) By weaving the vehicle.
(c) By painting a UN symbol on the vehicle.
(d) By calling in favors from guards.

6. How do Craig and his group know that Peter is on his way to the caverns?
(a) They hear gunfire.
(b) Vusamanzi's ghost visits them.
(c) The woman leading Peter shouts a warning.
(d) Sally-Anne is standing as a look-out and sees them coming.

7. When Vusamanzi leaves Craig, Sally-Anne, Tungata and Sarah in the cavern what does he stress the importance of?
(a) That they must fulfill the ancient prophesy.
(b) Not telling anyone the whereabouts of Lobengula's remains.
(c) To remember he helped them when the country repairs itself.
(d) Staying inside the cavern.

8. Who leaves the cavern during the night?
(a) Sarah and Sally-Anne.
(b) Craig and Tungata.
(c) Sarah and Tungata.
(d) Craig and Sally-Anne.

9. What goes wrong with the plan to enter the prison?
(a) They generator has already turned the lights on.
(b) Craig is recognized by one of the guards.
(c) They run out of ammunition.
(d) A villager from Sarah's village betrays them.

10. How do Craig, Sally-Anne and Captain Nbebi find out patrols know of their escape and are after them?
(a) A friend of Nbebi's tells him.
(b) They hear it on the radio.
(c) The people at Empandeni tell them.
(d) They are shot at.

11. Why are Craig and Sally-Anne arrested?
(a) For treason against Zimbabwe.
(b) For fleeing General Fungabera.
(c) For entering Botswana illegally.
(d) For killing Captain Nbebi.

12. How many rounds of ammunition do Craig, Sally-Anne and Sarah pack on the plane before leaving to rescue Tungata?
(a) 8,000.
(b) 5,000.
(c) 1,000.
(d) 3,000.

13. After Captain Nbebi is killed, how does Sally-Anne help in Craig's fight against Peter's soldier?
(a) She shoots a soldier, wounding him.
(b) She throws a grenade into the patrols' vehicle.
(c) She stabs a soldier.
(d) She shoots a soldier, killing him.

14. Where are King Lobengula's remains and the diamonds hidden?
(a) On the property of King's Lynn.
(b) Forty feet below the surface of a cave lake.
(c) Underneath a great Marula tree near the Botswana border.
(d) Inside the highest hill in Zimbabwe.

15. What does Craig retrieve when he tries to enter Lobengula's resting place?
(a) The chain from Lobengula's wagon.
(b) One of Lobengula's rings.
(c) One pot of diamonds.
(d) Lobengula's scepter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Craig, Sally-Anne, Tungata and Sarah feel the ground tremble, what do they know has happened?

2. What does Tungata find when he reaches Lobengula's tomb where the diamonds are hidden?

3. What do Sally-Anne and Craig find out about Henry Pickering?

4. After they rescue Tungata from prison, where do Craig and the group hide until Peter's soldiers are done looking for them?

5. How is Captain Nbebi injured?

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