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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10, Pages 230 - 254.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What poisonous snake does Peter use to torture Tungata?
(a) A Black Mamba.
(b) A True Viper.
(c) A Giboon Adder.
(d) A Tree Viper.

2. How does Colonel Nikolai Bukharin intend to find Peter guilty?
(a) By arresting him.
(b) By befriending him.
(c) By sending Botwana police after him.
(d) By torturing him.

3. How does Craig respond to the idea that is pitched?
(a) He leaves angry.
(b) He agrees to it wholeheartedly.
(c) He agrees, but has a lot of questions.
(d) He decides to wait three months and then discuss the idea again.

4. Why do the Matabele Warriors escort Craig off the property?
(a) So Craig won't be ambushed by other warriors.
(b) To make sure he won't tell anyone they were there.
(c) To show the neighbors they are in charge.
(d) They plan to steal his car.

5. What do Sally-Anne and Craig find out about Henry Pickering?
(a) He works for the CIA.
(b) He has been using a false name.
(c) He was in on the betrayal with Peter.
(d) He is working for the Russian government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Craig decide to turn Chizarira into?

2. When Craig goes to check the property in Chizarira, what is he warned to watch out for?

3. What causes Craig's vehicle to lose precious time and the patrols to get closer as he, Sally-Anne and Captian Nbebi flee King's Lynn?

4. What do Craig and Sally-Anne begin to plan in Section 6 after the trial?

5. What portion of Rholands does Peter want in exchange for the funding he arranged for Craig?

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