The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12, Pages 277 - 299.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Craig is alone with Sally-Anne what does he tell her?
(a) He reminds her that he is more important than she is.
(b) He is sorry for how he acted in New York.
(c) He tells her about his run-in with the Matabele warriors.
(d) He tells her to leave Zimbabwe as soon as possible.

2. What does Peter force Craig to do in Section 7?
(a) Record a video stating that Craig is really the master poacher.
(b) Burn down King's Lynn.
(c) Make everyone on the property leave at gunpoint.
(d) Sign papers giving up his rights to the property.

3. What does Peter tell Bukharin he wants other than Zimbabwe?
(a) All countries touching the Zimbabwe border.
(b) All the land to the south of Zimbabwe.
(c) All of Botswana.
(d) All of Africa.

4. How does Craig feel about the meeting with his publisher?
(a) Remorseful.
(b) Thrilled.
(c) Satisfied.
(d) Confused.

5. Who kills the radio operator?
(a) Commrade Lookout.
(b) Tungata.
(c) Craig.
(d) Sarah.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Craig arrives at King's Lynn what does he see?

2. What does Craig stumble across that makes him reflect on his life?

3. After Captain Nbebi is killed, how does Sally-Anne help in Craig's fight against Peter's soldier?

4. What becomes Craig Mellow's obsession when he returns to Africa?

5. What hallucination is Craig having when the Botswana Police find him and Sally-Anne?

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