Daily Lessons for Teaching The Last of the Menu Girls

Denise Chavez
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Lesson 1 (from Willow Game)


The opening pages of the book reveal a considerable amount of classification being applied by Rocio and her friends, to the residents of the street on which Rocio lives, which can be deemed as stereotyping. The objective of this lesson is to compare the act of classification with the act of stereotyping; and to discuss whether the possibility exists that the act of classifying being carried out by Rocio and her friends can be considered synonymous with the act of stereotyping as it is presented in the beginning of the story.


1) Class Discussion: Conduct a class discussion on the terms, classification and stereotype. Provide a dictionary definition of the terms on the blackboard, and encourage discussion based on the following questions: What is classification? What is it based on? Fact or assumption? Then provide a dictionary definition of the term, stereotype, and encourage discussion based...

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