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Denise Chavez
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Essay Topic 1

The story's opening pages introduce the reader to the Willow Game--a tree boundary-based socio-economic categorization game that Rocio and other neighborhood children use to classify residents of their street. Could Rocio's engagement in that type of childhood categorization activity have contributed to her belief that others who were better off than she was later in life? Explain why or why not, alluding to text from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Although the Athertons who live next door to Rocio are mentioned as permanent fixtures in prominent fashion at the beginning of the he story, unlike other lesser-mentioned neighbors' , (e.g., the two boys who move away and get wealthy, and Rocio's cousin who moves away), the reader is never apprised of their ultimate fate. What are your thoughts on what may have happened to Mr. and Mrs. Atherton and their son, Ricky by the time that Rocio...

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