The Last of the Menu Girls Character Descriptions

Denise Chavez
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Mr. Atherton

This character looks lean and mean; and works on the yard at every spare moment.


This character inadvertently leaves a sweater in the Esquibel home one Christmas and its odor stirs emotions for one Esquibel family member in particular.


This character is an Esquibel family relative who is older, married, has moved away, and has wedding attire stored in one of the closets of the Esquibel home.


This character is idolized by Rocio, largely due to basically being a "free pass" that allows her to engage in two activities that she truly enjoys and has been deprived of in the past - freely roaming the town, and long conversations.

Juan Luz Contreras

This character was considered to be a "fine catch" at one time; was married, had a child, and died from drinking acid.

Rocio Esquibel

This character yearns for freedom, and transcends...

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