The Last Juror Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

• Willie Traynor moves to Ford County and buys the local newspaper.

• Willie has just bought the newspaper when Rhonda Kassellaw is murdered.

• Rhonda is a young widow who is followed home by her attacker who kills her with her children watching.

• The police pull over Danny Padgitt who is covered in blood.

Part 1, Chapter 3 | Part 1, Chapter 4

• The Padgitt family is secluded on a piece of land known as Padgitt Island and is known for being corrupt.

• Rhonda's children are taken away by their aunt.

• Willie and his photographer go to the police station and get pictures of Danny Padgitt covered in blood.

• Willie and his photographer go to Rhonda's house and get the story from her neighbors.

Part 1, Chapter 5 | Part 1, Chapter 6

• Willie prints a story of Rhonda's murder with pictures of the crime scene.

• Willie is threatened with a suit because of his story...

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