The Kite Runner Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Khaled Hosseini
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1. In which year does this novel begin?


2. Who is the protagonist of this novel?


3. A call from _________ leads Amir to consider visiting his homeland of Afghanistan.

Rahim Kahn.

4. Which specific event in Chapter 1 leads Amir to think about his childhood?

Kites flying in Golden Gate Park.

5. Where does Amir live in Chapter 1?

San Francisco.

6. At what age did Amir indicate he came of age?


7. In what year did Amir come of age?


8. Who narrates this story?


9. Where did Amir live when he came of age?


10. How did Rahim Kahn know Amir?

He was his father's friend.

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