The Kite Runner Character Descriptions

Khaled Hosseini
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This character is the protagonist and narrator of The Kite Runner, the story about his childhood in Afghanistan.

Rahim Khan

The entire plot of the novel begins after a phone call from this character, who was a friend and business associate of the main character's father.


The son of a servant, this character has a cleft pallet and is the same age as the main character, whom he is extremely loyal to.


This prideful and self-made businessman is the main character's father. He ultimately dies of cancer.


This character is slightly crippled from childhood tuberculosis, and lives with his son in a simple mud hut on the main character's property.


This beautiful character rejects her deformed son at birth and leaves town days after his birth. She returns years later after being attached by Taliban soldiers, and she is accepted back into her...

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