The Kite Runner Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Khaled Hosseini
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Chapter 1

• The novel opens in San Francisco, California.

• The main character, Amir, receives a phone call from an old friend of his father in Pakistan.

• Amir goes for a walk and sees children flying kites, which reminds him of his childhood in Afghanistan.
• Amir travels back in time, remembering his childhood friend and servant Hassan.

• Hassan and Amir have a close relationship, though it is one of master and servant because they both grew up motherless.

• Hassan and Amir are from different religions and cultures which often causes conflict between them.

Chapter 2

• Amir remembers his childhood friend and servant, Hassan; a slight boy with a china doll face, except for his cleft palate, which Amir refers to as a harelip.

• Hassan's deformity gives the impression that Hassan always smiles.

• Amir lived with his father on a vast estate, while Hassan and his father lived in a simple mud...

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