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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Pauline Bonaparte turn to perform voodoo rituals against the plague in Part Two: Chapter VII?
(a) Ti Noel
(b) Soliman
(c) Macandal
(d) Bouckman

2. What is Part Two: Chapter VI’s title?
(a) The Great Fight
(b) The Ship of Dogs
(c) The Royal Palace
(d) The Amputation

3. What are Pauline Bonaparte’s impressions of the island when she and her husband arrive in Part Two: Chapter VI?
(a) She finds it culturally deficient
(b) She finds it filthy and disgusting
(c) She finds it terrifying
(d) She finds it exotic

4. Who does Pauline Bonaparte take with her when she departs for her husband’s second home in Part Two: Chapter VII?
(a) Her maids and her father
(b) Her daughter and son
(c) Soliman and her maids
(d) Her mother and father

5. What is the king’s body sunk into in Part Three: Chapter VII?
(a) Quicksand
(b) Wet mortar
(c) Smoldering tar
(d) A boggy swamp

6. Where does Ti Noël go after slipping away from the other slaves in Part Three: Chapter IV?
(a) To the cathedral
(b) To Cuba
(c) To the Cap
(d) To his old plantation

7. How many African men that King Christophe trained as palace pages await him at the bottom of the palace stairs in Part Three: Chapter VI?
(a) 2
(b) 8
(c) 12
(d) 5

8. Soliman retells his stories and paints himself as what in Part Four: Chapter I?
(a) King Henri Christophe’s nephew
(b) An accomplished musician
(c) The Archbishop of Canterbury
(d) A High Priest of Voodoo

9. Where does Pauline depart for after her husband’s death in Part Two?
(a) Los Angeles, California
(b) Sydney, Australia
(c) Paris, France
(d) Moscow, Russia

10. What is Queen Marie-Louise embroidering in the beginning of Part Four: Chapter I?
(a) A pillowcase
(b) A baby bottle
(c) A rug
(d) An altar cloth

11. Where are Ti Noël and the other slaves kept on the ship during the voyage in Part Two: Chapter V?
(a) In the hold
(b) At the bow
(c) On the deck
(d) At the stern

12. One of Pauline’s maids discovers Pauline and a slave performing a ritual in which what animal has been sacrificed in Part Two: Chapter VII?
(a) A rat
(b) A rooster
(c) A pig
(d) A monkey

13. What part of King Henri Christophe’s body is given to his wife by the governor in Part Three: Chapter VII?
(a) His nose
(b) His toe
(c) His ear
(d) His finger

14. Where does Ti Noël sleep after his first day with the slave workers in Part Three: Chapter III?
(a) In a cave
(b) In a tree
(c) In a ditch
(d) In a field

15. How does society in Santo Domingo change after General Leclerc’s death in Part Two: Chapter VII?
(a) It becomes very democratic
(b) It becomes deeply religious
(c) It becomes highly conservative
(d) It becomes hedonistic

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the white slave owners rarely kill their slaves, according to the narrator in Part Three: Chapter III?

2. In Part Four: Chapter II, what is Ti Noël’s most valued possession that once belonged to King Christophe?

3. Where are Queen Marie-Louise and her family in Part Four: Chapter I?

4. What is the title of Part Three: Chapter II?

5. The rituals of Voodoo resonate with Pauline Bonaparte’s background from where?

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