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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: Chapters I and II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What hotel has Henri Christophe just purchased in Part Two: Chapter I?
(a) La Tortue
(b) The Four Seasons
(c) Auberge de la Couronne
(d) The Citadel La Ferriére

2. What is the name of the laundress that the plantation owner takes to bed in Part One: Chapter VII?
(a) Amethyste
(b) Athenais
(c) Marientte
(d) Corneille Breille

3. What is all that’s left of the chapel at the plantation Ti Noël visits in Part Three: Chapter II?
(a) The weather vane
(b) The pulpit
(c) The sacrificial altar
(d) The confessional

4. What is Part Two: Chapter IV’s title?
(a) De Profundis
(b) Dagon Inside the Ark
(c) Statues
(d) The Great Fight

5. Who does Pauline Bonaparte take with her when she departs for her husband’s second home in Part Two: Chapter VII?
(a) Her maids and her father
(b) Her daughter and son
(c) Her mother and father
(d) Soliman and her maids

Short Answer Questions

1. Pauline Bonaparte’s world is interrupted when who coughs up blood and collapses in Part Two: Chapter VI?

2. The rituals of Voodoo resonate with Pauline Bonaparte’s background from where?

3. What is enacted upon the slaves after the poisonings spread in Part One: Chapter V?

4. In the end of Part One: Chapter V, the plantation owners organize in order to do what?

5. What disease does Pauline Bonaparte’s husband contract in Part Two: Chapter VII?

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