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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many planes of the Universe exist in the theology of Theorophy?
(a) there are no planes or levels
(b) there are an infinite number of planes
(c) seven
(d) five

2. To the Unitarian Universalists, which of the following does not contribute to salvation?
(a) faith in God
(b) good works
(c) last rites
(d) character development

3. What is a melting pot?
(a) A melting pot is a blend of nations
(b) A melting pot is a pan to melt butter in
(c) A melting pot is a blend of people, cultures and religions
(d) A melting pot refers to different religions

4. Christ warned against ________________.
(a) Heresy
(b) False prophets
(c) Cults
(d) Pagans

5. Why is it believed that Christian Science prevents members from receiving medical treatment?
(a) the belief that matter is sinful
(b) the belief in mind over matter
(c) the basic belief that mind is everything and that matter is not mind
(d) there are no beliefs concerning medical treatment

Short Answer Questions

1. What is used to measure the veracity of cults?

2. Which name is not associated with Unitarian views?

3. Mary Baker Eddy believed she wrote under the guidance of _________________________.

4. The Unitarian Universalist teaching borrows from all but _________________.

5. Charles Taze Russel was the founder of ____________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the appeal of the Unitarian Universalist Church?

2. What happened to the founder of the Baha'i World Faith?

3. How did Hubbard first promote his views regarding religion and psychology?

4. How has the new vocabulary affected cults?

5. What is the role of personal antagonism as a common psychological trait of cult members?

6. What role did Mary Baker Eddy see herself in?

7. Who are considered to be the chief prophets of the Mormons?

8. What are the two major groups that are known as the Mormons?

9. Describe the derivation of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

10. What, according to Fey and Gill, happens if an article presents cults favorably?

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