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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is not one of the Four Noble Truths?
(a) birth
(b) the cessation of suffering
(c) suffering
(d) the cause of suffering

2. Charles Taze Russel was the founder of ____________________.
(a) Seventh Days Adventists
(b) Scientology
(c) Mormons
(d) Jehovah's Witnesses

3. The new vocabulary has _______________________________________.
(a) Changed the meanings of traditional concepts in the Scriptures
(b) Had no effect on the meaning of the Scriptures
(c) Enhanced the meanings of the Scriptures
(d) Resulted in no reinterpretation of the Scriptures

4. What is the danger of contact with the Spirits?
(a) the spirits may be demonic
(b) the participants may be damaged by the experience
(c) there is no way to contact the spirits
(d) the contact is a hoax

5. Who do Mormons consider to be Gentiles?
(a) any non-Mormon
(b) anyone under twenty-one years of age
(c) any non-Christian
(d) non-Jews

Short Answer Questions

1. How many planes of the Universe exist in the theology of Theorophy?

2. Mirz Ali Hummad was known as ________________.

3. The Mormon Church ______________________________.

4. Jehovah's Witnesses ________________________________.

5. Isolationism is a ________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the appeal of the Unitarian Universalist Church?

2. Describe the derivation of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

3. What is the appeal of Spiritism?

4. What, according to Fey and Gill, happens if an article presents cults favorably?

5. What is the basic view of the Theosophist?

6. Explain how the cult takes concepts from the Bible out of context?

7. What is the background of the Book of Mormon?

8. How has the new vocabulary affected cults?

9. What is the role of personal antagonism as a common psychological trait of cult members?

10. What does Scientology promise its followers?

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