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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All of the cults discussed in the book ______________________________-.
(a) are compliments of orthodox Christianity
(b) are rivals of orthodox Christianity
(c) are proponents of orthodox Christianity
(d) take the Bible as their basis

2. Which is not a founding doctrine of Adventism?
(a) no Trinity
(b) the Sanctuary
(c) the Sabbath
(d) the Spirit of Prophecy

3. What was not a New Age belief?
(a) all truths are absolute
(b) man is inherently divine
(c) all is one and all is God
(d) all things are divine

4. Cults are most effective among ____________________________.
(a) young Christians
(b) lifelong Christians
(c) the elderly
(d) people who have been exposed to Christianity

5. The Divine Principle _________________________.
(a) is the traditional Christian Bible
(b) contains all of Moon's teachings
(c) is a recruitment document
(d) is based on orthodox Christian interpretations of the Bible

6. The Mormons believe that Jesus is ______________________________.
(a) an archangel
(b) a hoax
(c) the Son of God
(d) a god among many gods

7. The purpose of the chapter, The Road to Recovery, includes all but one of the following:
(a) the plan to end cults
(b) a plan to aid the cults
(c) promotion of evangelizing cults
(d) a methodology to control cults

8. What is God's spiritual law according to the Worldwide Church of God?
(a) the rules of the Worldwide Church of God
(b) the Bible
(c) the Torah
(d) the Ten Commandments

9. Evangelists _____________________________.
(a) prophesy the future
(b) engage in intense research
(c) discuss world events
(d) publicly preach the world of God

10. To the New Age cultist, __________________________________.
(a) there is no God
(b) there is no Trinity
(c) God is an impersonal consciousness and power
(d) there is a Trinity

11. Why do New Age cultists practice consciousness altering?
(a) they need to relax
(b) it is a means of escape
(c) to be closer to God
(d) they like to do drugs

12. The New Age cult refers to ________________________.
(a) the Aquarian Age
(b) the new year
(c) none of these
(d) youth

13. Regarding evangelism, there must be ___________________________.
(a) massive numbers
(b) television
(c) radio
(d) personal contact

14. The Worldwide Church of God was founded by ______________________.
(a) Herbert W. Armstrong
(b) Charles Taze Russell
(c) Charles Fillmore
(d) Joseph Smith

15. Swedengorg _____________________________.
(a) rejects the Holy Spirit
(b) ignores the Holy Spirit
(c) accepts the Holy Spirit as an equal member of the Trinity
(d) the Holy Spirit has equal status with Jehovah

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a part of Rosicrucian beliefs:

2. Who is the biggest adversary of the cult evangelist?

3. The Bible of the Unification Church is ______________________________.

4. Herbert W. Armstrong claimed to be a descendant of ________________________.

5. According to the beliefs of Ranjneeschism, ______________________________.

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