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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To the New Age cultist, __________________________________.
(a) God is an impersonal consciousness and power
(b) there is no Trinity
(c) there is no God
(d) there is a Trinity

2. Who is the biggest adversary of the cult evangelist?
(a) other cults
(b) the orthodox Christian evangelist
(c) non-christians
(d) Christians

3. According to the Bible, __________________________________.
(a) there are no references
(b) there is no such thing as a misinterpretation
(c) Satan is the motivator of the cults
(d) the Bible can be interpreted in any way

4. Regarding evangelism, there must be ___________________________.
(a) personal contact
(b) television
(c) radio
(d) massive numbers

5. Many of these cults ____________________________.
(a) present the orthodox Christian view
(b) disseminate literature without their true name
(c) properly represent themselves
(d) make promises they can't keep

6. The Unification Church was founded by ______________________.
(a) Mararishi Makesh Yogic
(b) Bhagwan Shree Ranjneesh
(c) Mirza Ali Muhammad
(d) Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7. Rosicrucian theology is based on ___________________________.
(a) five worlds
(b) three worlds
(c) one world
(d) a world with seven sections

8. Criticisms of the theology of the Worldwide church of God include all but one of the following:
(a) adherence to strict orthodox Christianity
(b) the theology in anti-Trinity
(c) the theology contains half-truths
(d) the theology borrows from that of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons

9. The highest level is ruled by ___________________________.
(a) a universal spirit
(b) Jesus Christ
(c) God
(d) various gods

10. Why do New Age cultists practice consciousness altering?
(a) they need to relax
(b) they like to do drugs
(c) it is a means of escape
(d) to be closer to God

11. The Hari Krishna cult was founded in _________________.
(a) Bombay, India
(b) London, England
(c) Poona, India
(d) New York, New York

12. Regarding the message of the Gospels, many of the cults ____________________________________.
(a) offer a strict orthodox interpretation
(b) misinterpret or twist the message of the Gospels
(c) ignore the Gospels
(d) state where they differ from the orthodox interpretation

13. The Rosicrucian cross ________________________________.
(a) has the same meaning as in orthodox Christianity
(b) is a symbol of man's evolutionary development
(c) symbolizes Christ
(d) symbolizes God

14. TM (Transcendental Meditation) is a _____________________________.
(a) based on Vishnuite Hinduism
(b) based on Shivaite Hinduism
(c) form of yoga and spiritual practice
(d) form of religious worship

15. In Christian Science theology, Jesus Christ is ______________________.
(a) a physical God
(b) an ordinary man
(c) the Jesus of the Bible
(d) the Gnostic Jesus

Short Answer Questions

1. All of the cults discussed in the book ______________________________-.

2. Cults are most effective among ____________________________.

3. The emphasis today is shifting from mass evangelism to ___________________________.

4. The New Age cult refers to ________________________.

5. According to the teachings of the Worldwide Church of God, _____________________________.

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