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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Bible, __________________________________.
(a) the Bible can be interpreted in any way
(b) Satan is the motivator of the cults
(c) there is no such thing as a misinterpretation
(d) there are no references

2. The Worldwide Church of God was founded by ______________________.
(a) Herbert W. Armstrong
(b) Joseph Smith
(c) Charles Fillmore
(d) Charles Taze Russell

3. Regarding the message of the Gospels, many of the cults ____________________________________.
(a) ignore the Gospels
(b) offer a strict orthodox interpretation
(c) state where they differ from the orthodox interpretation
(d) misinterpret or twist the message of the Gospels

4. Many smaller cults that have come into being since the 1960s, find their roots in __________________.
(a) Buddhism
(b) Zorasticism
(c) Hinduism
(d) Shintoism

5. Educational efforts must include all but one of the following:
(a) providing literature in different languages
(b) emphasize the Bible
(c) ignore doctrine
(d) emphasize doctrine

6. Who is the biggest adversary of the cult evangelist?
(a) Christians
(b) the orthodox Christian evangelist
(c) non-christians
(d) other cults

7. Evangelists _____________________________.
(a) engage in intense research
(b) discuss world events
(c) prophesy the future
(d) publicly preach the world of God

8. The highest level is ruled by ___________________________.
(a) a universal spirit
(b) various gods
(c) Jesus Christ
(d) God

9. The Holy Book of Islam is the _____________.
(a) Torah
(b) Divine Principle
(c) Koran
(d) Bible

10. The Hindu scriptures are known as the ________________.
(a) Vedas
(b) the Bible
(c) the Torah
(d) the Koran

11. The founder of the Church of the New Jerusalem was ________________.
(a) Helena Blavatsky
(b) Emmanuel Swedenborg
(c) Charles Taze Russel
(d) Lenora Piper

12. All but one of the following are problems when an orthodox Christian encounters a cult evangelist:
(a) lack of education and knowledge of orthodox Christianity
(b) lethargy
(c) ability to intelligently discuss doctrine
(d) apathy

13. The New Age movements has its roots in the _________________.
(a) Watchtower
(b) occult
(c) Divine Principle
(d) Bible

14. Regarding evangelism, there must be ___________________________.
(a) television
(b) personal contact
(c) massive numbers
(d) radio

15. Islam is _________________________.
(a) a Christian cult
(b) a major world Christian religion
(c) a non-Christian cult
(d) a major world non-Christian religion

Short Answer Questions

1. Rosicrucian theology is based on ___________________________.

2. Which one of the following is not a part of Martin's proposed plan?

3. The Unification Church appeals mainly to ___________________________.

4. The Rosicrucian cross ________________________________.

5. Which of the following does not lead to the heavens?

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