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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do New Age cultists practice consciousness altering?
(a) to be closer to God
(b) they need to relax
(c) they like to do drugs
(d) it is a means of escape

2. Criticisms of the theology of the Worldwide church of God include all but one of the following:
(a) the theology in anti-Trinity
(b) the theology borrows from that of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons
(c) the theology contains half-truths
(d) adherence to strict orthodox Christianity

3. Rosicrucian theology is based on ___________________________.
(a) three worlds
(b) five worlds
(c) a world with seven sections
(d) one world

4. Swedengorg _____________________________.
(a) rejects the Holy Spirit
(b) the Holy Spirit has equal status with Jehovah
(c) accepts the Holy Spirit as an equal member of the Trinity
(d) ignores the Holy Spirit

5. All but one of the following are problems when an orthodox Christian encounters a cult evangelist:
(a) apathy
(b) ability to intelligently discuss doctrine
(c) lack of education and knowledge of orthodox Christianity
(d) lethargy

6. The Mormon missionary approach emphasizes the need for ______________.
(a) salvation
(b) education
(c) prayer
(d) God

7. The New Age cult refers to ________________________.
(a) youth
(b) the new year
(c) the Aquarian Age
(d) none of these

8. According to the beliefs of Ranjneeschism, ______________________________.
(a) all prior norms and traditions are repudiated
(b) Christianity is the basis of Ranjneeschism
(c) man must follow the rules of the Vedas
(d) man must adhere to strict rules

9. Many of these cults ____________________________.
(a) make promises they can't keep
(b) properly represent themselves
(c) disseminate literature without their true name
(d) present the orthodox Christian view

10. The highest level is ruled by ___________________________.
(a) various gods
(b) God
(c) Jesus Christ
(d) a universal spirit

11. Swedenborg presented his theories in a number of books which were ____________________________.
(a) contrary to Christian theology
(b) complemented Christian theology
(c) traditional Christian theology
(d) ignored Christian theology

12. The Mormons believe that Jesus is ______________________________.
(a) a god among many gods
(b) an archangel
(c) the Son of God
(d) a hoax

13. Educational efforts must include all but one of the following:
(a) emphasize doctrine
(b) emphasize the Bible
(c) ignore doctrine
(d) providing literature in different languages

14. The group that is well funded and very active in South America and Africa is the _________________.
(a) Unification Church
(b) Christian Scientists
(c) Scientoloty
(d) Mormons

15. One of the major components of the plan proposed by Walter Martin is __________________.
(a) negotiating with the cults
(b) research
(c) taking legal action against the cults
(d) ignoring the cults

Short Answer Questions

1. In Christian Science theology, Jesus Christ is ______________________.

2. Millerism was based on the Book of __________________.

3. Seventh Day Adventism ______________________.

4. The Holy Book of Islam is the _____________.

5. According to the teachings of the Worldwide Church of God, _____________________________.

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