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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Regarding the message of the Gospels, many of the cults ____________________________________.
(a) offer a strict orthodox interpretation
(b) misinterpret or twist the message of the Gospels
(c) state where they differ from the orthodox interpretation
(d) ignore the Gospels

2. The founder of the Church of the New Jerusalem was ________________.
(a) Charles Taze Russel
(b) Helena Blavatsky
(c) Lenora Piper
(d) Emmanuel Swedenborg

3. The emphasis today is shifting from mass evangelism to ___________________________.
(a) personal evangelism
(b) ignoring evangelism
(c) radio evangelism
(d) television evangelism

4. The business practices of the Unification Church, especially regarding recruitment, include ________________________________.
(a) no recruitment
(b) open honest recruitment
(c) multiple pseudonyms or anonymous recruitment
(d) recruitment by word of mouth

5. One of the factors that assists cults is __________________________________________.
(a) orthodox Christianity ignores the cults
(b) orthodox Christianity doesn't instit on its doctrine
(c) orthodox Christianity funds the evangelism of the cults
(d) orthodox Christianity is ignoring doctrine in sermons

6. According to the beliefs of Ranjneeschism, ______________________________.
(a) Christianity is the basis of Ranjneeschism
(b) man must adhere to strict rules
(c) man must follow the rules of the Vedas
(d) all prior norms and traditions are repudiated

7. The New Age movements has its roots in the _________________.
(a) Watchtower
(b) Bible
(c) Divine Principle
(d) occult

8. Many smaller cults that have come into being since the 1960s, find their roots in __________________.
(a) Shintoism
(b) Zorasticism
(c) Buddhism
(d) Hinduism

9. The Hari Krishna cult was founded in _________________.
(a) Poona, India
(b) New York, New York
(c) London, England
(d) Bombay, India

10. In the book, these perversions result in what the author refers to as _______________________-.
(a) there is no reference
(b) the other Jesus
(c) the Biblical Jesus
(d) the correct Jesus

11. Young converts to Christianity are the targets of _____________________.
(a) Jehovah's Witnesses
(b) Rajaneeschism
(c) Unification Church
(d) Hari Krishnas

12. The Bible of the Unification Church is ______________________________.
(a) a book called Divine Principle
(b) the King James version
(c) they recognize any Christian Bible
(d) they have no Bible

13. Jehovah's Witnesses view Jesus ____________________________.
(a) according to orthodox Christian doctrine
(b) as an ordinary man
(c) an equal member of the Trinity
(d) as a God but not the Almighty God

14. Seventh Day Adventism ______________________________.
(a) was the result of two segments of Millerism
(b) was founded by William Miller
(c) was the result of three segments of Millerism
(d) was an offshoot of Jehovah's Witnesses

15. Hinduism comes primarily from __________________.
(a) India
(b) Pakistan
(c) China
(d) the American Southwest

Short Answer Questions

1. The Mormons believe that Jesus is ______________________________.

2. Evangelists _____________________________.

3. The Rosicrucian cross ________________________________.

4. The Unification Church was founded by ______________________.

5. The Worldwide Church of God was founded by ______________________.

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