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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Rosicrucian cross ________________________________.
(a) symbolizes God
(b) symbolizes Christ
(c) is a symbol of man's evolutionary development
(d) has the same meaning as in orthodox Christianity

2. TM (Transcendental Meditation) is a _____________________________.
(a) based on Shivaite Hinduism
(b) form of yoga and spiritual practice
(c) form of religious worship
(d) based on Vishnuite Hinduism

3. Seventh Day Adventism ______________________.
(a) accepts parts of Christian doctrine
(b) uses its own doctrine to replace Christian doctrine
(c) rejects Christian doctrine
(d) accepts Christian scripture

4. Young converts to Christianity are the targets of _____________________.
(a) Unification Church
(b) Jehovah's Witnesses
(c) Rajaneeschism
(d) Hari Krishnas

5. The Unification Church was founded by ______________________.
(a) Bhagwan Shree Ranjneesh
(b) Mararishi Makesh Yogic
(c) Rev. Sun Myung Moon
(d) Mirza Ali Muhammad

6. Seventh Day Adventism ______________________________.
(a) was the result of three segments of Millerism
(b) was an offshoot of Jehovah's Witnesses
(c) was the result of two segments of Millerism
(d) was founded by William Miller

7. The Worldwide Church of God was founded by ______________________.
(a) Joseph Smith
(b) Charles Fillmore
(c) Charles Taze Russell
(d) Herbert W. Armstrong

8. What was not a New Age belief?
(a) man is inherently divine
(b) all is one and all is God
(c) all truths are absolute
(d) all things are divine

9. The group that is well funded and very active in South America and Africa is the _________________.
(a) Mormons
(b) Christian Scientists
(c) Unification Church
(d) Scientoloty

10. Rosicrucian theology is based on ___________________________.
(a) five worlds
(b) three worlds
(c) one world
(d) a world with seven sections

11. Swedenborg presented his theories in a number of books which were ____________________________.
(a) contrary to Christian theology
(b) traditional Christian theology
(c) complemented Christian theology
(d) ignored Christian theology

12. The Rosicrucian Fellowship is _____________________---.
(a) a Christian denomination
(b) one cult
(c) a collection of cults
(d) a Christian scholarship

13. According to the beliefs of Ranjneeschism, ______________________________.
(a) all prior norms and traditions are repudiated
(b) Christianity is the basis of Ranjneeschism
(c) man must adhere to strict rules
(d) man must follow the rules of the Vedas

14. Many smaller cults that have come into being since the 1960s, find their roots in __________________.
(a) Buddhism
(b) Shintoism
(c) Hinduism
(d) Zorasticism

15. Regarding evangelism, there must be ___________________________.
(a) massive numbers
(b) personal contact
(c) television
(d) radio

Short Answer Questions

1. The founder of the Church of the New Jerusalem was ________________.

2. The supreme being of Islam is called ________________________.

3. All of the cults discussed in the book ______________________________-.

4. The emphasis today is shifting from mass evangelism to ___________________________.

5. The purpose of the chapter, The Road to Recovery, includes all but one of the following:

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