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Walter Martin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Jesus of the Cults.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Mormons encourage their young people to spend how many years doing missionary work?
(a) five years
(b) one year
(c) three years
(d) two years

2. Scientology was founded by ____________________.
(a) Joseph Smith, Jr.
(b) Faustus Socinos
(c) Herbert W. Armstrong
(d) L. Ron Hubbard

3. Which is not a term that refers to the ruling structure of the Mormon Church?
(a) Council of Twelve
(b) First Quorum of the Seventy
(c) General Authorities
(d) Mutual Improvement Association

4. The founder of Scientology had been ____________________________.
(a) a successful science fiction writer
(b) a sicentist
(c) a researcher
(d) a doctor

5. Jehovah's Witnesses view Jesus ____________________________.
(a) as a God but not the Almighty God
(b) as an ordinary man
(c) an equal member of the Trinity
(d) according to orthodox Christian doctrine

Short Answer Questions

1. The Mormon Church is directed by _______________________________.

2. The Book of Mormon is said to have been written on ______________________.

3. The Mormon Church ______________________________.

4. Who is the founder of the Mormon faith?

5. Scientology promises to help the follower achieve well being in all but one of the following areas:

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