The Kingdom of the Cults Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Walter Martin
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The Kingdom of the Cults

• A cult is a religious group of people that meet for a specific reason.

• The purpose of the book is to study and evaluate cults.
• Cults represent a growing trend away from established Christian practices and doctrines.

• The goal is to teach people how to deal with and evaluate cults.

Scaling The Language Barrier

• The new vocabulary has led to an interpretation of terms that cults use to justify their own existence.

• As a result of the new vocabulary, traditional Christians and cultists are basically speaking different languages.
• Cults are based on taking terms from the Bible out of context.

• Many Christians don't understand why cultists will agree with quotes from the Bible.

The Psychological Structure of Cultism

• Cultists share certain psychological traits.

• Traits common to all cults are closed-mindedness, personal antagonism toward those that don't accept their cult beliefs, and isolationism.
• Authority...

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