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Short Answer Questions

1. Ramona hunts through an armoire until she finds _________ for Margaret.

2. Where do John and Abigail go for their first date?

3. What does Margaret eat from the streams?

4. How old is Margaret when she learns the story of her father?

5. What is another name for Somerset County?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Margaret's first bedroom at the Howland home look like?

2. How long does the great-grandmother's funeral last?

3. What does Margaret find in the Howland woods that she brings back to the house?

4. What are Margaret's earliest memories?

5. What are death gifts, and what happens if you touch one?

6. What does Abigail remember about family vacations?

7. What does Abigail remember about the first part of her life?

8. Describe the only act of affection between her grandfather and Margaret that Abigail witnesses.

9. How does Margaret know that spring has come in the Book of Margaret?

10. Describe Somerset County.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe what the author means by "keep your heart ticking under the sheltering arches of your ribs."

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Abigail's relationship with her husband from her perspective. Be certain to discuss how her opinion of him changes.

Essay Topic 3

The Providence River is mentioned three times within the first six pages. Discuss the possible significance of the river in the story.

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