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Short Answer Questions

1. After the Korean War, where does John set up his practice?

2. How many children do William and Margaret have?

3. Where does William first see evidence of Margaret's work?

4. At one point during the grandmother's funeral, Margaret wishes she was _____________.

5. What career does Robert have, and where is his first job?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the only act of affection between her grandfather and Margaret that Abigail witnesses.

2. What does Abigail remember about Robert as a child?

3. What are Margaret's earliest memories?

4. Why does it take so long for John to contact Abigail and ask her out for a second date. Describe their dates.

5. What does Abigail remember about family vacations?

6. What does Margaret find in the Howland woods that she brings back to the house?

7. Describe how Margaret's family spend their time when the floods require that they move out of their home for three to four weeks.

8. How did Margaret's parents meet?

9. On moving to Madison City, what does Abigail recall being told about her mother.

10. What is the story of the hoop snake?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss ways that this book may be view as dated. Be certain to address belief systems and attitudes. Is there anything that still rings true today?

Essay Topic 2

The Providence River is mentioned three times within the first six pages. Discuss the possible significance of the river in the story.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss William's excitement at the "game" of finding a still in the swamp. Why would this bring about a change in his behavior?

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