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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Margaret's mother, what is hippin?
(a) Carrying babies on your hip.
(b) Acting arrogant.
(c) Sagging diaper.
(d) Talking in dialect.

2. Where is Margaret when she first sees the spirit of her great-grandmother?
(a) On an island in the swamp.
(b) By her tomato plants.
(c) By her cousin's mule.
(d) On the porch.

3. Where do John and Abigail go for their first date?
(a) Chicken Shack & Roof Garden.
(b) Sammy Ray's Country Cooking.
(c) Cafe in the next county.
(d) Harris Pier.

4. What career does Robert have, and where is his first job?
(a) Banker; Philadelphia.
(b) Doctor; Los Angeles.
(c) Architect; Chicago.
(d) Engineer; San Francisco.

5. What did Margaret's family once turned into beads?
(a) Shells from nuts.
(b) Quartz.
(c) River mud.
(d) Mussel and clamshells.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Margaret when she learns the story of her father?

2. What is another name for Somerset County?

3. Oliver lived with his sister by a big spring. What was the name of the spring?

4. What realization does Margaret come to after the move to higher ground during the spring floods?

5. What train runs from Atlanta to Madison City?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Margaret's first bedroom at the Howland home look like?

2. What are Abigail's days like after she and John marry but before he finishes his last year of law school?

3. Explain why the townspeople are angry at the grandfather for not bringing his daughter's body home for burial from Santa Fe?

4. What's the story of Cousin Francine's marriages?

5. What does Abigail remember about Robert as a child?

6. What does Margaret find in the Howland woods that she brings back to the house?

7. Why does it take so long for John to contact Abigail and ask her out for a second date. Describe their dates.

8. Describe the Howland kitchen.

9. What is the story of the hoop snake?

10. Describe the house that Margaret grows up in.

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