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A whippoorwill is a bird. It gets its name from the call it makes. Locate and listen to a whippoorwill sound.

Family Tree

"The Keepers of the House" is a multi-generational story where family history is important. Construct a family tree of the Howlands, showing all the relationships.

Freedom Through War

This book talks about how slaves earned freedom by fighting in wars. Learn more about this. Where did the former slaves tend to live after military service?


Many of the Southern characters hang on to attitudes and beliefs from the time of Reconstruction. Research this time period and its effects on people in the South.

The Howland Estate

Create a diorama of the Howland estate.


At one point, the author tells the reader that William plays the mandolin. As an instrument not heard much anymore, learn what it looks and sounds like.

The War of 1812

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