The Keepers of the House Character Descriptions

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William Howland

As one of the keepers of the house, this character comes from a prosperous family yet knows the value of hard work.

Abigail Tolliver

This character was raised by a grandparent after the death of a parent. Divorced, this character is raising four children.

Margaret Carmichael Howland

This character, descended from a freejacks, grows up poor, but later joins a well-to-do household.

Robert Carmichael

This character is the eldest child of an interracial relationship, who becomes an engineer.

Nina Carmichael

This character is described as a mulatto child. As an adult, this character makes a choice that leads to being disowned by the mother.

Crissy Carmichael

This is the youngest child of an interracial relationship who leaves for boarding school at age eleven.

John Tolliver

This character meets a spouse through a second cousin. As a result of this character's attitudes and political aspirations, this character...

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