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Book of Abigail

• It is the month of November, and everything is quiet around the Howland home.

• For Abby, things are too quiet.

• Her oldest children are away at boarding school in New Orleans, while the younger two are getting ready for supper.
• Abby waters the geraniums, while noting the changes in the front yard and the fence.

• She doesn't want to replace the fence because she wants to remember what has happened.

• Abby reveals that she's fighting an entire county.

• Although alone, she's not afraid.
• Still on the porch, Abby watches the night come as moths fly around the porch light, and beetles flip onto their backs.

• It's revealed that the porch she's standing on was built by her great-great-great-great grandfather.

• She listens as her two younger children play in the house.

• Abby was a child in this house, too.

• It was nicer at that time.

• She...

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