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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After describing Dr. Harry, how does Cornelia’s voice sound to Granny?
(a) Grates and grinds
(b) Slides up and down on a sour note
(c) Fades in and out
(d) Staggers and bumps like a cart

2. What does Granny flick from Dr. Harry’s grasp at the beginning of the story?
(a) Hand
(b) Wrist
(c) Elbow
(d) Hair

3. After the doctor leaves her room, who does Granny believe is whispering in her ear?
(a) John
(b) Lydia and Hapsy
(c) Cornelia and Dr. Harry
(d) George

4. As Granny tries to take a little nap, where does her pillow press?
(a) On her shoulders
(b) Back of her head
(c) Heart
(d) Chest

5. After feeling something shake her, what does Granny ask Cornelia to do?
(a) Close windows
(b) Get Hapsy
(c) Bring a drink
(d) Straighten the covers

6. What does Granny think is going to happen after she feels something shake her?
(a) A visitor will come
(b) Storm
(c) Death
(d) Tornado

7. What color rug was on the floor of the room when Granny learned she had been jilted?
(a) Green
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Brown

8. What does Granny close her fingers around after Lydia tries to hand her back something?
(a) Missal
(b) Jimmy’s thumb
(c) Lydia’s hand
(d) Rosary

9. What does Granny think of the world she found after being jilted?
(a) Wonderful
(b) Hard
(c) Burdensome
(d) Better

10. How many birds does Granny imagine she hears?
(a) 500
(b) 45
(c) 20
(d) 1,000

11. What does Granny compare her soul to?
(a) Coal
(b) Nursing baby
(c) Snow
(d) Teething baby

12. What word does Granny use to describe lighting the lamps?
(a) Frightening
(b) Beautiful
(c) Special
(d) Compelling

13. When is Granny trying to take a little nap?
(a) Before supper
(b) After breakfast
(c) After lunch
(d) Before lunch

14. When Granny fenced in an acreage, who helped her clamp the wires?
(a) Hobo
(b) Negro boy
(c) Neighbor
(d) Hired hand

15. How long ago did Granny pull through some sicknesses without Dr. Harry?
(a) 35 years
(b) 55 years
(c) 50 years
(d) 40 years

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cornelia gets on Granny’s nerves, what does Granny long to do?

2. What does Granny tell Cornelia to do?

3. What does Granny feel around her wrist?

4. What did Granny always hate?

5. When will the others come to see Granny?

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